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Our outstanding online food delivery app solution, XLFoodies, lets food lovers relish tempting dishes and lets food businesses taste success! Bridging the gap between restaurants and foodies, our exceptional app, XLFoodies, can completely transform the way the food industry functions. Utilize our agile food delivery clone app development services, to create a breakthrough solution that takes your business to the next level.


Our Foodistry

Our Exceptional On Demand Food Delivery Platform

Supporting a number of compelling features, our on demand food delivery app clone development results in a product that meets every requirement of the food business as well as the end-user.

Making our foray into food ordering app development from the time food apps were becoming popular, our talented team understands the intricacies of the process and implements the same. As a prominent food delivery app development company we provide customized services that meet the unique requirements of a business. A number of useful features make it very easy for restaurants to ensure timely delivery of food and for users to find the dish of their choice as quickly as possible.

Why We Are

We Build Food Delivery Clone Apps Like UberEats, DoorDash & Talabat

Owing to the increasing trend of ordering food online, a number of companies have started developing UberEats clone app, DoorDash clone app, Talabat clone app, etc. To provide businesses with the benefits of increased productivity and sales, XongoLab offer customized food delivery app development services.

XLFoodies – a readymade food delivery app created by us, helps business owners utilize cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between restaurants and food lovers. Our uniquely designed app helps business owners speed up food business growth online. With our readymade food delivery app clone development cost being affordable, businesses can experience increased revenue while staying on top of industry trends. Managing daily operations also become much easier with automated tools.


Food Delivery Models

Leverage Tailor-Made Food Delivery App Development Solutions

XLFoodies serves a number of clients irrespective of its scale of operations. With experience in providing our services to a variety of business models, our food delivery app development company has a versatile client base. Our ready-made food delivery app, XLFoodies, can help your business meet its unique requirements due to the flexibility it offers.

Food Delivery Startups

Give your food business the right start with an app that can help establish a loyal customer base.

Multi-Chain Restaurants

Give your multi-store food business a competitive edge using our readymade food delivery app source code.

Single Restaurant

Attract more foodies to your restaurant by giving your business the right online food delivery app solutions.

Functioning of XLFoodies

How Does Our
On Demand Food Delivery App Work?

Simplicity embraces creativity to form our fully-usable app that comes with the most exciting features. Automate your food business processes by leveraging our fully customized on demand food delivery app development services.


Users can register or login easily through mobile numbers and email via OTP authentication. Users can also directly login through their social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Step 01
Browse Restaurants/Dishes

Users can browse through various restaurants within the vicinity or search for a specific food provider. They can also explore dishes of their choice.

Step 02
Order or Schedule Food

Users can select the dish of their choice and book their order or schedule it on the app so that they can receive it at their doorstep.

Step 03
Make Payment

The user will then be guided to make payments through secure gateways. Our food delivery app development services offer various modes of payment such as credit/debit cards, cash, in-app wallet, etc.

Step 04
Receive the order

Once the order is confirmed by the restaurant, it is then prepared and sent. The person who has ordered the food can receive it at the doorstep.

Step 05
Rate & Review

Once the order is received, the user is asked to give feedback on the product and service provided by the restaurant. They can even write a review on the service.

Step 06

App Screens

A Glimpse of Our
App Screenshots

To garnish your platter with some extra toppings, our food ordering app development team provides additional services to not just satisfy but also delight the end-user. Have a look at the design screenshots for the customer app, delivery boy app, and admin panel.

User App

Customer App Features

What every food lover desires are to be able to find their favorite delicacy quickly and receive it as soon as possible. In every aspect right from ordering food online to receiving it, the customer is in complete control of the process. Browsing through different dishes, he or she can order them and also track the order. XLFoodies takes care of all the important aspects from the customer’s point of view.

Easy Registration

Users can easily sign-up or log in to the app using their social media profile or email/mobile number.

Secure Payments

Users can securely make payments through different payment gateways and modes offered within the app.

Push Notification

Users can get updates in real-time about their orders, cancellations, and offers with a push notification feature.

Order Tracking

Our readymade food delivery app allows users to track the order they have placed with details of the delivery man.

User Feedback

Users can give feedback both to restaurants for the food provided and to the delivery man for his services.

In-app Chat

Users can communicate with the restaurant and the delivery man to get instant updates related to their order.

Partner App

Restaurant App Features

The restaurant app helps a restaurant in fulfilling food orders with ease. The app to order food online intimates it about the order placed by the customer, feedback is given, and communication. This app lets restaurants manage the dishes they are offering to customers with ease. They can easily add, modify, and delete the items on the menu according to their availability.

Business Profile

The restaurant managers can create and manage their business profile by providing business details such as name, address, business hours, contact details, etc.

Order Placement

Restaurant owners can confirm or reject the orders received as per the availability of ingredients or dishes.

Real-time Tracking

Just like other popular apps like UberEats, DoorDash or Talabat, XLFoodies makes it easy for restaurants to track the location of the delivery boy along with total deliveries.

Menu Management

Food Delivery Clone App – XLFoodies, enables the users to easily make changes to the menu as per the consumer preferences and availability of the items.

Customer Support

Food providers can solve the queries of their customers and give them updates through the chat feature.

Delivery Status

With this feature, restaurant owners can check if the order has been delivered, in real-time.


Delivery Boy

Delivery Boy Features

The delivery boys are an important facilitator in any food delivery app. They help food to get delivered to the person who has ordered it. As a reputed food delivery app development company, we ensure that it includes all the important functionalities which help the delivery boys in picking and delivering the food orders with ease. This not only helps in bringing down operating costs but also brings down the delivery time.

Login Authentication

The delivery boy can log in with one tap to authenticate the profile before taking up the order.

Order Details

The delivery boy can view the order details to deliver at the right place within the delivery deadlines.

Availability Status

The delivery boy can easily set his status as offline whenever he is not available to deliver food. He can change his status as per his availability.

Performance Insights

The weekly and/or monthly performance insights are updated regularly to the delivery boy.

Track Locations

The delivery boy can find the exact pick-up and delivery locations by enabling the location feature in the app.

Track History

With XLFoodies, delivery boys can track all the orders he has fulfilled till date. They can also track their work hours along with the amount earned.

Partner Panel

Restaurant Panel Features

The restaurant panel helps a restaurant to take complete control of their business at their fingertips. It intimates the restaurant admin in real-time about the different status of food orders that are placed. The items on the food menu can be modified anytime with ease. Everything in the restaurant is seamlessly managed online. It is the panel that gives restaurants access to different statistics which can be helpful in driving their food business ahead.


It lets you check the current position of all pending, upcoming, delivered, and rejected orders.

Menu management

The different menu items from present categories or cuisines can be modified, added, and deleted with our menu management feature.

Restaurant Profile

Create and manage the profile for your restaurant with all the necessary business details.

Manage Food Orders

View complete information on forthcoming food orders and their current status with one tap.

Order Cancellation

Orders that the restaurant manager may cancel or are cancelled can be viewed anytime.

View Previous Orders

The dates and full order summaries of all the previous orders can be checked on the order history page.



Admin Panel Features

Every app like the UberEats clone app or Talabat clone app also consists of an admin panel. To provide complete control over the content in the app as well as over the operations of the business, our food delivery app development company offers a variety of exciting features in the admin panel. The admin dashboard has been designed to help restaurant owners or managers to regulate the delivery process from start to finish.

Manage Customers

Manage details of customers. This includes their profile, the orders they made in the past, their preferred dishes, and the orders ordered they place frequently.

Manage Delivery Boy

Manage the profile of the delivery professionals, get access to their earnings, know the number of deliveries made, and check ratings and reviews.

Manage Restaurant

Admin can manage the details of all restaurants. Also, the admin can add, update, and remove restaurants from the list based on their profile and documents.

Payment and Commission

Admin can define payments and regulate commission rates directly through the admin panel.

Analysis and Reporting

XLFoodies helps admin generate real-time reports and insights so that they can explore untapped business opportunities.

Promo Codes

From this panel, promo codes to be included in cash deliveries, offers, and discounts can be managed.


What We Offer

Check Out How We Make Food Delivery Processes Simplified

When you connect with us to build an on demand food delivery app clone, we empower you with iOS apps, and Android apps alongside an intuitive and interactive admin panel to give you the competitive edge that allows customers and delivery drivers to able to access on demand food delivery services in a simple way.


iOS Applications

  • Customer App
  • Restaurant App
  • Delivery Boy App

Android Apps

  • Customer App
  • Restaurant App
  • Delivery Boy App

Web Panel

  • Partner Panel
  • Admin Panel

Full Source Code

  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Web Panels

Our Clients

Food Ganesha

Food Delivery App (Thailand)

Enabling customers to get quick access to restaurants nearby, select one that matches their requirements, order meals conveniently and get them quickly delivered to their doorstep, the Food Ganesha App’s development has been done.

text iOS
text Android
Client Words

Thanks for the support you gave us in the quest of building this intuitive app. With value for our finances, they kept the cost within the limit. Very happy with their services.


Our Clients

Marvin’s Den

Food Delivery App (UK)

With the aim to empower customers to get their tiffins delivered within a few minutes to their doorstep, the Marvin’s Den App has been developed.

text iOS
text Android
Client Words

They provide a good value for money if you are bootstrapping a startup. They can help get the first version of your minimum viable product up and live quickly.


Our Clients


Food Delivery App (Europe)

Want quick meals anytime? Togo Express has the necessary features that allow customers to get quick meals at their doorstep and relish it whenever hunger strikes.

text iOS
text Android
Client Words

I am impressed by the way the team at XongoLab work. Always responsive, always helpful. They help build your ideas and turn them into reality. Can’t wait to work on my next project.


Our Clients

Zood Food

Food Delivery App (Tajikistan)

To enable customers to locate restaurants nearby, order meals of their choice, and get them delivered to their desired location without facing any issues, the Zood Food app development is done. Starting from food delivery to tracking the exact location of the order, the app does it all.

text iOS
text Android
Client Words

We are extremely happy with the assistance we received from XongoLab in building an app tailored to our business needs. Hope to work with them again for our future project.


Technology Stack

Building Blocks of the Robust
On Demand Food Delivery App

Take a peek at the food delivery app source code our team of developers and designers used for developing the intuitive food delivery and ordering app so it functions simplistically without facing any crashes.

Flutter Flutter
React Native React Native
Kotlin Kotlin
Swift Swift
Java Java
Ionic Ionic
Firebase Firebase
Backbone.JS Backbone.JS
Angular.JS Angular.JS
Vue.JS Vue.JS
Node.JS Node.JS
MongoDB MongoDB
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Google Cloud Google Cloud
Amazon AWS Amazon AWS
text text

Payment Gateway

We Provide Secure and Multiple
Payment Gateways

While building the online food delivery app, we make use of the following payment gateways to allow secure payments to take place for meals order.


Available in Brazil


Available in Turkey


Available in Kazakhstan


Available in Worldwide


Available in Worldwide


Available in Malasiya


Available in Worldwide


Available in Indoneisa


Available in Brazil


Available in India


Available in Worldwide


Available in India


Available in this Country

  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Singapore

Available in this Country

  • UAE
  • Qutar
  • Egypt
  • Lebanona
  • Jordan
  • South Arabia

Available in this Country

  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Chile

Available in this Country

  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • South Africa
  • United States


Create a Revolutionary Food Delivery Empire
With These Add-Ons

To garnish your platter with some extra toppings, our food ordering app development team provides additional services to not just satisfy but also delight the end-user.

Manage Address
POS Integration

Transfer and manage billings, online orders, inventory, and customer data from this advanced feature in real-time.

Payment Integration
In-App Wallet

Lets your users save their debit and credit card data in an encrypted format and make payments instantly.

Loyalty Programs

Pay online rewards through this feature to enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen the bond with them.

Bill Estimation
AI-Based Chatbots

Serve your app users with quick responses and provide them immediately with satisfactory answers to their general queries.

Favorite Store
Social Media Integration

Boost your brand awareness by enabling your app users to share and post about your services with one click on this feature.

Integration of Social Network
Table Reservation

Reduce the wait time of foodies and make the dining experience enjoyable for them by letting them reserve a table in advance.

Manage Address
Multiple Languages

Make your app users comfortable while using the app by providing them with the multiple languages option.

Payment Integration
Multiple Currencies

Enable your global customers to view the prices of their favorite dishes in their local currency.

Multiple Payment Gateway

With flexible payment gateways, your customers enjoy the privilege of making payments in a most-convenient manner.

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Frequently Asked

I am running a single restaurant; can I opt for a readymade food delivery app?

Yes. You can opt to buy our readymade food delivery app to give your restaurant a competitive edge.

Can I get a white-label food delivery app solution from XongoLab?

XLFoodies is a white label food delivery app that has been designed specifically for food businesses who wish to get a blank app. They can then upload their data on this readymade app.

Is your food delivery app customizable?

Yes. Our exceptional food delivery app development services are personalized as per the specific requirements of our clients. If you want any features that are specific to your business then we can customize them as per your unique requirements.

Is your food delivery app ready to launch? How many days does it take to go live?

Yes. Our ready-made food delivery platform is ready to launch the moment you upload all data including names of dishes, prices, and other details. After your app is uploaded to the Google Play developer account and published, it usually takes up to 7 business days for your app to go live.

Do you provide POS Integration?

To deliver a great customer experience, we do provide POS integration for your food delivery app. This saves time and leaves more of it for productive tasks.

What if more payment gateways to be integrated?

Yes. You can integrate more than one payment gateway into the app. Our professionals who are adept with the process of food delivery app development services are capable of integrating more than one payment gateway into your food app.

Will you provide the full source code?

Yes, we provide full source code and deploy it on your server.

How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app?

Our team of developers and designers are adept at building apps at cost-effective rates. Hence, if you want to understand the stipulated food delivery app development cost, based on features, and functionalities, we will give you its estimate.

Can I get support after the app launch?

Yes, you can get 6 months of support after the app is launched in case you face any issues or problems with running the app or the functionality of the app.