Guide for AI Revolution in Online Food Delivery Industry

Guide for AI Revolution in Online Food Delivery Industry
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • March 31, 2023
  • 5 min read

According to Statista, the revenues in the food delivery industry in India are projected to become $34.68 billion in 2023. These valuations have become achievable thanks to food ordering & delivery systems like Zomato and Swiggy.

If we go by the research from the aforementioned source (Statista), we can predict that the market volume for these solutions will be $71.63 billion by 2027. These numbers are enough to suggest that the prospective potential of this industry is huge. Looking at the numbers, you must be wondering about the major factors responsible for this. Well, the answer to this is comfort, followed by the integration of technology.

Many new technologies are getting their integration done in fact within these platforms, the most prominent among them being AI.

In this article, we will educate you on the contribution made by this technology to revolutionize the Indian online food delivery sector, especially the Swiggy app. This will help you to get a perspective on how you can make the best use of this technology so that you can accomplish maximum benefits in the end.

● AI in Online Food Delivery System

In online food delivery system solutions like Swiggy for instance, the application has observed its popularity growing manifold. Especially after the food delivery giant made a hefty investment in AI, it observed its prominence going up to a huge extent. This is courtesy of the technology making these tasks easy to perform.

AI revolution in food delivery system

• Automates Planning

With AI integration, the food ordering & delivery system has received the desired flexibility to carry out the way they perform their different planning activities in a rather streamlined way. Particularly when handling spikes, and dips in the life-cycle of the business, the technology has come across as a blessing in disguise.

• Accelerates Delivery

As food delivery involves making available meals that are both fresh and hot, through the online food delivery system using the AI algorithm it has become possible for them to accelerate the food delivery pace. The algorithm has allowed restaurants to find drivers nearby, assigning meal pickup requests to them. This in the end enables customers to get access to quick delivery of meals at their doorstep. It alternatively also makes sure that neither the customer nor the delivery professional has to wait during any of the stages of meal delivery.

• Provides List of Recommended Eats

Through AI integration within the food delivery solutions, it becomes possible for the business to study the behavior of customers within the app. Thereafter, it generates tons of data as per this behavior and suggests a list of meals that they should try. This allows for the enhancement of the overall user experience for the buyers. It also enables customer retention in the best possible manner.

• Enables Optimization

With the assistance of this technology, not only delivery agents have been able to get access to the best routes while providing deliveries. It has also helped in generating a list of meals from which customers can select the ones they want. This follows by giving them the aid to decide on ways to place their orders. All these areas in the end help drive maximum results for the food delivery business.

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● AI Integration in Online Food Delivery Industry – Results

Studying the above-listed benefits of using AI in the online food delivery system, we can decipher that through the integration, you can be sure to aid your setup to gain a standout image. It will alternatively also enable you can attain a competitive advantage in a reasonably short time. Last, it will assist customers to receive a personalized experience when they order meals from the platform.

Additionally, it will empower your operations with the advantages such as the ones listed below-

  • Automate the way food packaging and transportation are done.
  • Enable smart product and food sorting, followed by quality control.
  • Make it easy to maintain different process equipment.

● How to Create a Dynamic Food Delivery App with AI?

To create a dynamic food delivery app that enables customers to receive a personalized experience when they order meals, it is imperative to keep some points in mind. We discuss them below.

#Keep Updated on New Trends

Every day we observe new trends having their advent in almost every industry. Take, for instance, the online food delivery industry. Through the operations witnessing new revolutions, it comes as no surprise that you as a food delivery startup need to be updated about them. This will make certain that you keep yourself ahead of the competition and can build a solution that helps your business stand out.

#Ideate Design Strategy

It is next a good idea to make use of a design strategy that ensures a smooth user experience when the customers place orders through the app. It will also enable food delivery to take place in a rather streamlined way. This will also ascertain that user retention on the platform takes place to the maximum.

#Incorporate Unique Features

To make sure that your customers remain interested in your online food ordering & delivery system for a consistent period it is imperative to incorporate some unique features into your solution.

Here are some you can consider-

  • Push notifications
  • Personalized offers and discounts
  • Recommended meals
  • Live chat

#Embrace Food Delivery App Development Services

To stay ahead of the competition, particularly if you are planning to get your operations enabled with a solution that has AI integration, it is imperative to embrace food delivery app development services. Get in touch with a company that can help you to create a dynamic food delivery app. Go through their portfolio and client reviews. Thereafter on receiving a green signal that they can handle your project well, share your requirements and corroborate their understanding to observe next your food delivery idea successfully achieving fruition.

food delivery app development services

● Buy Readymade Food Delivery Source Code

As a startup, your energy will be invested towards enabling your operations with a solution that can personalize the way your customers order meals, and get them delivered. This makes it imperative for you to buy readymade food delivery source code. Not only will it assist you to reach out to customers faster. It will alternatively also ascertain that you can serve future business and user concerns and requirements.

1. Benefits of Readymade Food Delivery Source Code

When you start new in the field of food delivery, it is imperative to keep your business ahead of the competition. This is where the readymade food delivery source code comes in handy. With it, you can accomplish the advantages such as the ones listed below-

  • Address future business and customer concerns.
  • Make modifications to the solution.
  • Boost brand value.

2. Points to Remember Before You Buy Food Delivery Source Code

To enable smooth order processing, and ensure that like a popular online food delivery system in India that has gained a competitive edge through AI, keep in mind these pointers –

  • Observe the ownership you get over the solution.
  • Check its open-source nature to be aware of the level of modifications you can make.
  • Research on the technologies used during the making to be aware of its overall robust nature.
  • Educate yourself if the solution has any hidden costs.

● What is the Cost to Build a Food Delivery Clone?

When you plan to take the AI advantage for your online food ordering & delivery system, you must focus on your finances too. Hence, it is imperative to buy a readymade food delivery solution. It will allow brand visibility to happen at a faster pace. It will alternatively also ensure you can address your business and customer concerns. During purchase, keep the cost to build a food delivery clone checked. To achieve this, follow these pointers-

  • Avoid using complicated design.
  • Do not add unnecessary features.
  • Outsource your food delivery app development services to a reliable partner offshore.

With these in balance, if we have to provide you with a rough figure for the cost to buy a food delivery clone, it will be around $10000 to $30,000+.

cost to build food delivery app

● Summing Up

For success in the food delivery app race, remain educated about competitor activities. This makes it vital to make use of technologies so that you can accomplish this better. One technology you can use particularly for this is AI. With the AI advantage, you can drive value for your online food delivery industry. To make this achievable though, you should connect with someone who can exercise the best efforts during food delivery app development services. With us as your partners, this worry can go away forever. Our readymade food delivery source code is here to your rescue to deliver a personalized meal delivery experience to your customers so the ROI your business receives is high, no matter what!

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