ChatGPT – How Can Transform Restaurant Industry?

  • Subhnandani Yadav Subhnandani Yadav
  • April 18, 2023
  • 5 min read

Management of a restaurant and delivering the best customer experience to those visiting its premises is no child’s play. It is equally tedious to automate how your team performs different activities and keep their productivity high. This is where it becomes more of a necessity to use technologies or integrate ones that can ensure these areas become achievable.

If we have to mention an innovation to make this possible, the winner is AI, and the new kid in the block- ChatGPT. ChatGPT helps food joints in the activities they perform. This includes managing table reservations, delivering the best customer support, etc. Already used by popular online food delivery apps like OpenTable and Presto in boosting their value, its incorporation will prove a blessing in disguise. This is particularly when you create a restaurant app.

Do you want to comprehend this aspect better? We have this covered in the article here. On completing it, you will be able to understand its benefits and gain perspective on the steps for performing its integration.

Introducing You to ChatGPT

An artificial-intelligence-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, having its launch in November 2022.

ChatGPT is known for automating tasks like booking appointments, managing reservations, etc. This is a blessing in disguise for businesses as it enhances their productivity to a huge extent.

Already used by banking and financial services, taxi services, etc., the technology is finding its integration now being done by food joints too.

Reasons for ChatGPT Finding Its Use in Restaurant

To understand the advantages of ChatGPT for restaurants, you need to understand, this AI revolution in the online food industry has transformed how different tasks get performed. They range from taking reservations to keeping a record of bills, etc. We have outlined some of their other uses below.

  • Assists users find the most suitable restaurants.
  • Boosts productivity for staff by making it easy for them to integrate it into their apps such as Google Sheets, Gmail, etc.
  • Enables restaurants to present the menus they have to their potential customers.
  • Eases how order management and tracking are done.
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Facts and Figures about ChatGPT for Restaurant Business

After its launch in 2022, ChatGPT has found its use among the leading industry verticals like food, grocery, etc. The restaurant business, in particular, has observed its popularity growing thanks to this technology. Here’s presenting you the facts and figures for drawing light on this aspect.

chatgpt market stats

How to Use ChatGPT for Restaurant Business?

Do you want to know how to use this chatbot to your restaurant business’s advantage? Yes? Comprehend this aspect below.

how can transform resrtaurant industry using chatgpt

• To Handle Orders

According to Tidio, 62% of Gen Z prefer using restaurant chatbots when ordering food. Very few of them recommend placing calls to a human agent for this task. Therefore, when you want to understand the steps to build ChatGPT when you create a restaurant app, it is also important to comprehend another area. This is- how potential customers can order meals and receive responses. When you have deciphered these, you can be sure that the order placement process will be convenient. Wait time will also get reduced. Last, customer service delivery will be premier.

• Manage Reservations & Reply to Inquiries

Handling inquiries and managing inquiries are two prime tasks that become easy to perform using this integration. This is by enabling the food joint in answering different questions from customers. This may range from getting information related to the menu, food recommendations, etc. Also, it becomes an extremely convenient task for them to make reservations or book a table in advance so they enjoy a unique meal experience removing woe related to manually looking for an empty seat.

• To Enable Translations

Take for instance you want to create a restaurant app for an audience based in Italy. It is important to understand that the population there is diverse. You have Italian, French, and other language-speaking people there. Hence, if you want to address their hunger pangs, it is equally relevant to address the language area. This is where ChatGPT comes as a blessing in disguise. When you make its integration, it will help your audience in receiving the message in their desired language. It will also enable them to get information that is tailored to their needs.

• Ease Feedback Collection & Response

According to BrightLocal, 76% of consumers recommend reading online reviews for restaurants before visiting their premises. Therefore, it is an area worth placing focus on. In other words, the ratings and reviews area is something you should place focus on to the maximum. Integrate a restaurant chatbot when you create a restaurant app. This will help you to send reminders to your customers in terms of suggesting they share their feedback on the food experience. This follows next by sending a customer satisfaction survey. You can also use the OpenAI tool (ChatGPT) to streamline how you perform customer feedback management, collect reviews, respond to queries, and address complaints.

• Perform Promotions

Do you want to get educated on the steps to build ChatGPT and perform its integration for your restaurant so that you can accomplish maximum benefits? You can leverage it in your solution by sharing promotional offers with potential customers, information related to discounts, new items included, etc. This follows next by sending updates about upcoming events and so on. All these in the end will create a sense of anticipation in the minds of potential customers and drive more traffic.

• Provide Menu Suggestions

It helps the online food delivery business to provide food and drink recommendations and notify customers of meals suggested for different seasons. This keeps them retained and interested in using your app. It also helps the restaurant industry to recognize the customers who have stayed glued to the app. This follows next by utilizing their (customers’) purchase information to provide meal recommendations.

• Automate Inventory Management

This integration made during the process you create a restaurant booking app will automate how you perform inventory management. Enable your bot to respond to queries like inventory analytics. This will guarantee that the monotonous task of manually going through reports goes down. It will also ascertain that you can get substantial information related to areas like-

  • Availability of items
  • Get alerted during the instance of restocking
  • Prepare a shopping list

Estimated Cost to Build ChatGPT for Restaurant

We have educated you on the way you can use ChatGPT for your restaurant industry to enable it to deliver the best customer experience. Be aware of the finances you need to allocate.

cost to integrate chatgpt in our app

Note, however, different areas can affect this.

  • Features
  • Location integration
  • UI/UX design strategy
  • Project management techniques implemented
  • Country you choose

When you keep these factors in check, the estimated cost to build ChatGPT for restaurants will be between $80,000 to $120,000+.

Closing Words

ChatGPT and restaurant management are synonymous with one another. Hence, you should integrate the chatbot into your operations if you have not done so yet. The steps to build ChatGPT for restaurants to enable a smooth customer experience are diverse. One way to however streamline this process is by using its online template. You can leverage the use of Chatfuel, Collect Chat, etc. You can partner with us to make this journey a pleasant one. Our developers will bring value to your business when they create a restaurant app for you. This will enhance the overall efficiency of your team and ensure your customers receive the best experience.

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