Cost of Developing Online Meat Delivery App like Licious

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  • January 13, 2023
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With the food delivery market witnessing enormous innovation, it comes as no surprise you will have new apps to ensure maximum user engagement. Take, for instance, the Licious app. Could you have wondered that one could have an application that could support users find fresh fish and meat? No, we presume. Licious however made this easily possible for customers since it came into creation in 2015. It went on to become a source of inspiration for foodopreneurs in their quest to develop an app on similar lines and dive deep into the enthralling journey of food delivery app development services.

Here you need to note that the process is extremely exhaustive. This demands a particular focus on the cost aspect. Therefore, it is vital to sift through the cost breakdown area to keep the budget intact successfully.

To make this easily achievable for you, we have brought this article. It will give you the anticipated cost to build an app like Licious so your finances remain within the limit.

The Humble Beginning of Licious

Fish, chicken, prawns, meat, you name it, Licious makes it possible. It is a popular online food delivery platform that since its creation in 2015 has revolutionized the way users shop these items preventing the woes most face shopping for these items at the market.

Possessing some of the best features like advanced search filters, add to cart, multiple payment modes, etc, to name a few, customers can conveniently shop for these items.

Alternatively, as a result of the app having extremely easy operations, the customers can easily locate the items they are looking for like meat, or fish, subsequently placing their order so they can get its delivery done to them as per the prescribed time and date set by them.

Check the image below to know about its success story:

licious success story

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How Does Licious Deliver Meat to Customers?

Licious has extremely easy functionality courtesy of which it streamlines meat delivery services for customers. Here’s how it makes this possible.

  • Customer enters the app and chooses the category of items they want to shop from different categories like chicken, seafood, meat, etc.
  • On selection, they add the delivery location and make the payment.
  • The store receives the order request; accepts it, and gets a driver onboard to pick the order up.
  • The customer is notified of the same.
  • The delivery driver receives the order pickup request. Once they accept it, they reach the store and pick the order up.
  • The end-user is notified of order pickup.
  • Delivery driver on picking order up is notified of the customer’s details and vice versa.
  • The delivery driver and customer track each other until the meat delivery is done.
  • The delivery is done and the customer and delivery driver can both provide ratings and reviews to one another.
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Features of Licious App

Online meat delivery app like Licious has three main segments, namely, the vendor, the delivery professional, and the customer. Each of these segments has its respective platforms to ensure seamless and streamlined communication and smooth delivery services. Check them out below.

features of licious app

Customer App

  • Seamless login option through different modes like Google, and social media so that customers can easily log in to the platform and start using it.
  • Multiple payment options to save time for customers when they pay for the items they shop for from the app.
  • Real-time tracking option to enable the end-user to know the exact location of their order and be aware of its estimated time for delivery.
  • The advanced search filter to create a comfortable search experience for users when they are shopping for meat, fish, etc.
  • Save location feasibility so the customer need not have to manually type their location when they place orders.

Vendor App

  • Stock management to update the items in stock and remove those no longer available.
  • Reports and analytics to assess the app performance, shopping and purchasing behavior of customers, etc alongside the areas to focus upon for improving performance.
  • Product & cost management to update details of items and their respective prices.
  • Payment management to update the modes of payment for items that are listed on the app.

Delivery Boy’s App

  • Delivery status update to educate customers about the status of their order whether it is picked up, in transit, about to be delivered, etc.
  • The shortest route to aid the delivery driver find out routes that will help them reach the customer’s location faster.
  • Payout option to assist delivery driver in getting details of payment received alongside the modes of payment used for paying.
  • Profile management to support the driver in updating their profile details like name, vehicle, modes of payment they will accept, etc.

Moving On

Courtesy of online food delivery app like Licious having extremely easy operations and possessing some of the best features in them, entrepreneurs are engrossing themselves in food delivery app development services. This is in their quest to develop an app on similar lines. However, during performing food delivery app development services, entrepreneurs hardly focus on the cost aspect. It is however important to give attention to this. To help you get a rough estimate of this area, check the lines below.

Cost to Build an App like Licious

When it comes to calculating the cost to build an app like Licious, it becomes crucial to focus on the features, and the functionality, followed by assessing the revenue model the app follows.

Let’s first provide you with the cost breakdown on an hourly basis for the developers in different parts of the globe.

Name of Country Developer Charges(On hourly basis)
India $80
Europe $100 to $150
USA $200 to $250


Skimming at the cost of developing an online meat delivery app like Licious, it is relevant to get an idea of the revenue model it adopts for generating profits.

Revenue Model for Licious

Licious adopts the following revenue models so that it can get its profits boosted and earn well through meat delivery.

  • Advertisement charges to other brands for getting their services listed on the platform.
  • Delivery charges to customers above the price they pay for the meat, or fish they order.
  • Commission to meat stores and vendors on the order value they receive from the customer when they place an order.

Tech Stack to Build Online Meat Delivery Apps like Licious

Building an online meat delivery app like Licious demands the use of the following tech stack we have presented below-

tech stack of licious app

Get the App Edge for Your Meat Delivery Business

Licious has transformed the way shoppers shop for poultry products thereby enticing the attention of entrepreneurs to develop an app on similar lines. In case you are looking for something the same, follow these pointers-

  1. Research the target market, and study their needs and areas of concern when they shop from a meat delivery app to ideate an app design strategy.
  2. Incorporate a design strategy that boosts user engagement.
  3. Implement technologies that ensure smooth meat delivery services.
  4. Get in touch with a company having sufficient expertise in food delivery app development services with costs in check, assessing their skills, particularly in developing the food delivery clone, the Licious clone app.

Why Food Delivery Clone?

In the last pointer where we spoke about the Licious clone, you may be wondering why its integration is beneficial. We will let you know this. Before that, you need to get a background about the solution. It is a ready-made and ready-to-launch solution built on the lines of the Licious app. Being customizable, and modifiable, it supports the meat delivery business to make easy updates within the solution based on their future business and customer needs so they get addressed seamlessly.

Here are some advantages of the solution-

  • Helps boost brand value.
  • Assists in gaining a competitive edge for the business.
  • Supports customers to shop for poultry products and get the delivery done as per their preferred time and date.

Note- Remember that there are many such food delivery clone apps in the market. Hence, observe its open-source nature and the percentage of ownership you get on the solution. When you can corroborate it is open source, and you are its sole owner, observe it helping you to obtain returns like never before.

Concluding Thoughts

Courtesy apps like Licious, meat delivery, and shopping witnessed a digital revolution, encouraging forward-thinking foodopreneurs to develop something similar. It demands adopting a relevant business model, followed by; choosing a revenue stream to boost profits. It is equally vital to focus on the cost area to keep your budget in check. Once you ensure that these areas get addressed, you can be sure your business can gain a competitive advantage. Are you someone in the pursuit of achieving the same? Connect with us. Our team of developers and designers await to conceive an app that will allow your online food delivery app like Licious.

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