How Much Does It Cost To Build A Food Delivery App Like Deliveroo?

Comprehensive Guide for Deliveroo App Development Cost
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  • November 05, 2022
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According to Statista, the on demand food ordering app market will attain a size of $466.20 billion by 2027. These numbers cite that the solution is quite popular indeed. Want to know what is responsible for this? The answer is convenience.

The app gives comfort to customers in terms of connecting them to restaurants nearby, ordering meals, and getting them delivered to their doorstep.

If you visit the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store you will get acquainted with many solutions that make food delivery services streamlined. Some prominent examples among them are Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, Deliveroo, etc.

We will, however, be talking about the Deliveroo app and its popularity; citing the reasons for its prominent nature. We will discuss the factors contributing to the creation of its readymade solution or the food delivery clone apps – the Deliveroo clone app.

Table of Contents

  • About Deliveroo
  • Reasons for Popularity
  • About Deliveroo Clone App
  • How to Develop Deliveroo-Like App?
  • Cost to Develop Deliveroo-Like App
  • Conclusion

About Deliveroo

about deliveroo

Launched in 2013, Deliveroo streamlined how food delivery took place in the United Kingdom and now is used by more than a billion users living there.

Some of the areas where the on demand food ordering app makes its meal delivery services easily accessible are in over 200 cities in the UK. This is followed by the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Singapore, UAE, and Hong Kong.

Operating through a hyper-local three-sided business model, the solution has helped connections between restaurants, drivers, and customers to take place seamlessly.

Reasons Why Deliveroo is Popular

Deliveroo has streamlined the way food delivery services are made available to customers. Delivering meals in over 200 cities in the UK, followed by the Netherlands, France, etc, the solution has observed its prominence growing manifold.

Here are some reasons that are responsible for the popularity of the solution growing manifold.

1. Simple App Operations

  • Customer enters the app and adds their location upon which they get a list of restaurants nearby so they can select a food joint of their choice. Thereafter they choose the meals and place their order.
  • Once they perform this, the meal order request is sent to the restaurant who accepts it and assigns a delivery driver so the delivery is made possible.
  • The driver now reaches the restaurant to pick the order up. This is notified to the customer and now the driver and the former can track each other.
  • Last, the delivery gets made and the customer receives the flexibility to rate and review the restaurant and delivery driver.
deliveroo app workflow

2. Features

The online food delivery solution has some extremely unique features in them to allow a seamless connection between customer, delivery driver, and restaurant alongside ensuring seamless meal delivery services. Want to know how this is made possible? This is courtesy of the features that are present in the respective apps of the three segments.

Check them out below-

Customer App

  • Find restaurants nearby.
  • Add a meal to cart to update meals and remove ones not required./li>
  • Customize meals to get the meal prepared as per customers’ preference.
  • Schedule orders to allow booking of meals to take place as per customers’ flexibility.
  • Multiple payments to streamline the payment process for the meals.

Delivery Drivers App

  • Earning history to keep a record of earnings made through meal deliveries on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.
  • Invoice generation at end of delivery to educate the customer about the cost breakdown for the meals ordered.
  • Set availability online/offline to start receiving meal order pickup requests.
  • Set delivery radius to receive order requests only from their vicinity.
  • Accept/reject order requests as per flexibility.

Restaurant App

  • Reports and analytics to track restaurant performance.
  • Revenue management to keep an overview of the profits generated.
  • Customer/delivery driver management to manage activities performed by the customer and delivery driver.
  • Menu management to update the menu of the restaurant and remove the meals they no longer provide.
  • Assign order pickup request to the delivery driver so they pick up meals.

3. Business Model

The food delivery business model for Deliveroo is simple, customers get the flexibility to order meals from nearby restaurants and get them delivered to their doorstep.

However, they have adopted two prime models, the aggregator, and logistics model so that restaurant listing takes place seamlessly and order and delivery is a simplified process as well at the same time.

Here’s why the model is so popular.

  • The model tackles problems related to meal delivery in a simplified and seamless way. Thus, incidents related to poor meal services get mitigated completely.
  • This has gone on and boosted the revenues for the app by 30% annually. Hence, all in all, through the model, the brand promotion has been improved strategically for the eateries.

4. Market Stats

Numbers speak volumes about the popularity a particular solution has attained. This is what Deliveroo has achieved as well.

Check out these numbers to get insight into what we are saying.

Courtesy of these factors the popularity of the solution has grown manifold leading thus to the creation of the readymade food delivery clone apps– the Deliveroo clone app.

Introducing You to Deliveroo Clone App

To support food delivery startups save on costs and time during development so that business launch takes place seamlessly; the Deliveroo clone app has its creation done.

It helps the venture to boost its visibility, get itself known among a greater percentage of customers, and most importantly, ensure that scalability and growth are easy to achieve.

Thus, in short, it is a boon-in disguise for restaurant startups who are planning to digitize their operations. If you are among them as well, it is a good idea you use it to your advantage so you can boost your revenues and also can obtain handsome returns.

Steps to Follow to Develop Food App like Deliveroo

steps to build deliveroo app

To empower your restaurant setup with an app similar to Deliveroo it is important to follow some important steps.

Here are the main among them listed below-

  • Research the target market and customers to assess customer demands, needs, features, and design strategies to formulate. This includes analyzing the problem areas that the end-users are currently facing so that the plans you create work for you.
  • Use appropriate revenue models so that your app allows you to make maximum profits from the on demand food-ordering app. The Deliveroo app charges commissions from delivery drivers and customers for deliveries. This is followed by subscription and listing fees to restaurants for listing themselves.
  • Channel the use of technology that is robust so that the app functions flawlessly. Research on a technology stack that have been used by food delivery apps in the past. Assess their relevance with your app and use them.
  • Get in touch with a dedicated on demand food delivery app development company with specific expertise in clone app development. Examine their portfolio and client reviews. Thereafter, partner with them to see your app idea gaining fruition.
  • Empower your business with the Deliveroo clone app so quick business launch and visibility are ensured. Check the nature of the solution, and analyze its features. Include it next within your business so meal delivery services are streamlined.

Cost to Develop Deliveroo App

Plan to develop a solution to boost visibility for your restaurant and get your offerings known among a larger percentage of customers. It is important to focus on the budget and keep it within limits.

For instance, to develop a Deliveroo-like app, the cost to develop a Deliveroo app will be between $20,000 to $35,000. Note that the stipulated finances might go up in case the solution is complex, is less user-friendly, has irrelevant features, etc.

Therefore keep these pointers in mind so your finances are within the check-

  • Keep the design user-friendly.
  • Make sure the features you include are relevant.
  • Use technologies that are robust and in use for a long time.
  • Outsource Deliveroo app development services to an offshore partner.
  • Get the readymade Deliveroo clone to keep the budget within the limit.

Wrapping Up

Deliveroo has created ripples in the food delivery sphere. Courtesy easy operations and unique features; the app has a lucrative future. Earning revenues of €1.8 billion, the application has attracted the attention of those in the quest to digitize their restaurant setup and operations. This is why the creation of the Deliveroo clone app has happened to allow business visibility and customer engagement to get boosted. If you are also planning along the same lines, wait no longer. Connect with us. With our expertise in understanding client requirements upon which we develop solutions, you can be sure the food delivery app development journey will be pleasant. So why wait? Partner with us to transform your food delivery business avatar and observe your profits and returns going up like never before.

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