How To Make Food Delivery App Like FoodPanda in Singapore?

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  • March 17, 2023
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According to Statista, in Singapore, the online food delivery apps market has observed its revenues tripling with predictions that the profits will become $708 million. These valuations suggest that the potential is immense for these apps.

Many factors contribute to the prominence of this market and its growth. Some most vital among them are the high per capita income there which in turn has enhanced the lifestyle of the people there. This follows next due to time unavailability as a result of a busy life that the people have. Last, as a result of the increasing demand for comfort. All these areas contribute to the popularity of these solutions growing at a huge rate.

Also due to the presence of some popular food delivery app like Deliveroo, FoodPanda, GrabFood, etc., the market has attained a standout nature. The FoodPanda app has been particularly responsible for online meal delivery services earning a name in this region.

So the question goes, what is so unique about this platform that has contributed to it enticing the attention of those who still operate a food delivery business offline in Lion City (Singapore)? The answer is, that the platform has provided budding entrepreneurs with the impetus to build an app on similar lines.

In case you are in plans to accomplish something similar, we have this covered for you. We have articulated the steps that will aid you to develop a food delivery app like FoodPanda to boost your presence in the prominent food delivery app market in Singapore without any difficulty. Before that we will however provide you with some information about this app, citing the factors that help it to growing rapidly.

Introducing You to FoodPanda App

foodpanda app

In 2012, the founders of FoodPanda; Swiss Lukas Nagel and Rico Wyder decided to expand the market for the solution by launching its operations in Singapore.

Thereafter through the partnership that the app did with over 500 restaurants there, it made available quick and swift meal delivery services to customers living there.

Having easy operations and filled with the most unique set of features; the platform has all the elements that help customers living there to get access to meals anytime they may be having hunger pangs.

What Helps FoodPanda App to Stand Out?

Alongside the app having extremely simple operations and being filled with the most unique set of features; other factors also help it to stand out. We present them to you below.

what helps foodpanda app to stand out

• FoodPanda Apps Business Model

Online food delivery apps like FoodPanda incorporate these two business models to ensure meal ordering and delivery can take place swiftly.

  • Aggregator business model wherein a third-party platform makes sure that meal delivery can take place swiftly after customers log in to the platform and order meals.
  • Food delivery system with a logistics delivery service model to ensure restaurant partners get enabled with logistics support to allow them to automate their operations. This follows by giving them the support to keep their finances in check particularly if they are in the nascent stage.

• Features

Food delivery app like FoodPanda comes with the most diverse sets of features to enable the smooth connection between the customer, the restaurant, and the delivery driver. They are outlined below for your convenience.

Customer App Delivery Driver App Admin Panel
Easy login Get order requests in real-time Admin dashboard
Advanced search filter Accept/reject order request Restaurant management
Customize menu Set order status Assign orders
Multiple payment modes Track customers’ location live Menu management
Track order in real-time Earning history Reports and analytics

• Exploration Possibility

The second aspect that helps FoodPanda stand out in comparison to other food delivery apps in the market is due to the different options that users get presented with. These options are available to them before they place the order for meals. Additionally, with many choices presented to users between pickup and home delivery, the solution makes meal delivery a convenient and comfortable process for them. This in the end aids the platform as a favorite among those who want a unique meal-ordering experience.

Facts and Figures for Popularity of FoodPanda in Singapore

Below we present facts and figures to suggest the prominent nature of the food delivery app like FoodPanda.

  • Ranks 2nd in the category of popular online food delivery apps in Singapore.
  • Partners with over 500+ restaurants.
  • Has over 10 million users registered on the platform.
foodpanda market stats

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How to Make An App like FoodPanda?

Gaining insight into these stats you can understand the factors that contribute to the popularity of food delivery app like FoodPanda. This is particularly among those living in Singapore and those running a restaurant business offline. It has encouraged the latter in fact to build an app on similar lines. Being an extremely exhaustive process it demands that some steps be followed. We have highlighted them below.

1. Study Competitors and Research the Target Market

First and foremost you must have full knowledge of the activities that your competitors are performing. This follows next by assessing the solution they have developed in the past. With these two activities, you can gain perspective into the features that are contained in their app, followed by identifying the missing ones as well.

Next, it is crucial to research your customers. This means trying to educate yourself about the pain areas they face. This follows by understanding what are their fields of concern. When you have acquainted knowledge of these you can then successfully create a design that boosts user experience.

2. Implement Unique Revenue Model

The second crucial stage during FoodPanda-like food app development is implementing a unique revenue generation model.Here are three models you can particularly consider.

revenue model of foodpanda app

3. Know Challenges

During the process of food delivery app development services, it is extremely important to also know the challenges that may come your way. This is particularly if you plan to launch your food delivery app like FoodPanda in Singapore.

We have enlisted the same in the pointers below-

  • App stability
  • User-friendly nature of design
  • The functionality of the app

4. Create App Development Strategy

Once you have awareness of the challenges, you must get ready with an app development strategy. In other words, try to get acquainted with the platform where you will earn more users. This follows next by understanding the app architecture you will integrate, what problems your app will solve, etc.

With a perspective of these areas you will be able to create an app that functions without any form of obstacles.

5. Use Relevant Technologies

The next crucial step when you develop an app on similar lines for the audience living in the Lion City (Singapore) is making use of relevant technologies.

As you can see above, there are different technologies used in the food delivery app like FoodPanda, particularly in the customer, the delivery driver, and the restaurant segment. We have enlisted them below.

  • Payments – Braintree, PayPal, Square APO
  • Navigation and Mapping – Google’s Places API, Google Maps, Core Location Framework (iOS)
  • Commute – TalkJS, Sendbird
  • Notifications – Urban Airship, Amazon SNS

6. Testing

This is the last stage of your food delivery app development services. It is recommended you continuously test your app and check the presence of any possible discrepancies. Get the app’s loading speed checked. This follows next by assessing its privacy and security areas addressing the ones that need attention.

Estimated Cost to Build FoodPanda App

The food delivery market in Singapore has profitable potential thanks to food delivery app like FoodPanda which in turn makes entrepreneurs shift their focus to building an app on similar lines. In case you wish to achieve something similar, alongside knowing the steps, it is equally relevant to have awareness of the finances that you may have to spend during the development stage.

When we enter the stage of food delivery app development services particularly if we want to develop an app on the likes of the aforementioned one, different areas affect the budget-

cost to build foodpanda app

However, a general overview of the cost to build FoodPanda app will be $13,000 to $17,000+ that might increase based on the aspects listed.

Summing Up

FoodPanda has helped successfully fill the gap between restaurants and customers by allowing the latter to access 500+ restaurants in Singapore. Due to its user-friendly design and simple operations, the app has enticed the attention of those who still run restaurant operations offline. If you plan something similar choose to build food delivery clone like FoodPanda. Get in touch with us to take advantage of the ready-made and ready-to-launch FoodPanda clone app to make food delivery services easy to access for end users and successfully serve customers and your business needs without any difficulty whatsoever.

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