Fuel Your Food Delivery Business with Getir Clone App

  • Subhnandani Yadav Subhnandani Yadav
  • May 19, 2023
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Are you fatigued by the ceaseless whirlwind that snatches away your precious moments for grocery shopping? We empathize with your frustration, but fear not, for the era of trudging to the store has faded into the realm of tales!

Imagine you are getting your groceries and essentials delivered straight to your doorstep within mere minutes, day or night. It’s like a dream come true! But wait, it gets even better! Picture yourself receiving a delightful surprise at your front door, all thanks to the magic of food delivery apps. And guess what? You can experience this enchantment with a delivery app like Getir!

In this era of mobile apps, the on-demand grocery and food delivery scene is sizzling hot in the industry. Crafting a food and grocery delivery app like Getir is gaining popularity daily. And ambitious entrepreneurs are seizing this opportunity to create their delivery app, inspired by the success of Getir.

If you are inclined to develop an on-demand food delivery business app solution, it is advisable to acknowledge that your chosen path aligns with the current market dynamics. As delivery service applications continue gaining traction, knowing how to kickstart your business by building a clone app like Getir is good. If you need to know what steps to follow, this article is for you.

About Getir

Information Admin Panel
Company Name Getir
Founding Year 2015
Founder Nazim Sular
Description Turkish startup providing ultrafast delivery of groceries, food, and water
Services Offered Ultrafast delivery, Takeaway food delivery, Online grocery delivery, Ordering from local businesses
Expansion Significant growth doubled orders in the second half of 2019
Sales in 2019 $120 million
Mobile App Offers all services through a single app
getir app

How Does Food Delivery App Getir Generate Revenue?

The food delivery business model of the famous giant Getir utilizes a combination of strategies to generate revenue. The two primary sources of income for Getir are the sale of groceries and other items at marked-up prices and the collection of delivery fees from its users.

1. Food & Grocery Sales

Getir earns significant revenue by selling groceries and food products at marked-up prices. Although Getir’s prices are generally higher than traditional grocery businesses and supermarkets, they are still more affordable than regular grocery stores. This price difference allows Getir to generate profits.

To minimize costs, Getir partners with franchisees who own and operate warehouses. Unlike traditional stores, Getir doesn’t have to pay rent for physical retail space, and warehouses require less space and serve as fulfillment centers for online orders. Additionally, Getir doesn’t employ retail assistants but invests in riders who handle doorstep deliveries, further reducing operational expenses.

2. Food & Grocery Sales

Another significant source of revenue for Getir comes from charging delivery fees on each order. Customers have to pay a small convenience fee for having their groceries and other items delivered to their doorstep, and this delivery fee contributes to Getir’s overall revenue stream.

In addition to the delivery charges, Getir also imposes payment processing fees to cover the interchange fees imposed by credit card providers. These fees are necessary for processing online transactions securely and efficiently.

By leveraging these revenue streams, Getir sustains its business model and continues to provide on-demand grocery delivery services to its customers.

Unique Features of Food Delivery App Getir

To comprehensively understand the Getir delivery app’s features, let’s explore the three distinct apps designed for different users. Below are the diverse features of Getir that can be included in a ready-to-launch food clone app.

Customer App Merchant App Delivery Executive App
Easy registration & social media login Store and order management Instant notifications
Real-time order tracking Product management Real-time tracking
Secure in-app payments Transaction history GPS tracking
Search by category feature Order reports Profile management
Transaction history Content management Push notifications
Feedbacks and ratings Sales report analysis Order accept/reject requests
Profile management Commission tracking report

What Does it Cost to Develop A Getir Clone App?

Suppose you have a solid idea of developing an on-demand grocery shopping app and are ready to begin the app development, but the only thing holding you back is the app development cost. The cost to build Getir clone app is undeniable to think, but at the same time, it’s challenging to get the exact cost estimation. For example, developing an app like Getir with all the above features might cost around $20,000 to $50,000 or even more. Exploring cost-related factors will help you prepare your budget in advance. Alternatively, you can hire a professional app development company that can give you a fair estimate about the clone app.

Benefits of Development of the Getir Clone App

There are several benefits linked to developing a clone app like Getir. It’s important to note that clone app development should be done ethically and legally, respecting intellectual property rights and adhering to relevant guidelines and regulations.

getir app benefits

• Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Clone app development offers businesses the advantage of replicating successful apps like Getir with proven functionality and features. Clone apps can be developed quickly and efficiently by leveraging existing structures, and user interfaces with lesser budget and resources.

• Cost-Effective Solution: Developing an app from scratch can be an expensive endeavor, requiring significant investment in research, design, and development. Clone app development offers a cost-effective alternative by reusing existing app frameworks. It reduces development costs and allows businesses to allocate their resources more efficiently.

• Reduced Time-to-Market: The time required to develop and launch an app is crucial in the fast-paced digital market. Clone app development significantly reduces the time to market as the core functionality and design elements are already in place. By building upon an existing app, businesses can quickly adapt to market demands and launch their app ahead of competitors.

• Access to Established User Base: Clone apps are typically based on successful and popular apps that have already amassed a large user base. Businesses can tap into this pre-existing user base by developing a clone app and instantly gain many potential customers. It provides a head start in acquiring users and can lead to faster growth and adoption of the app.

• Learning from Market Feedback: Clone app development allows businesses to leverage the original app’s market feedback and user insights. By analyzing user reviews, ratings, and feature requests of the original app, companies can identify areas for improvement and refine their clone app accordingly. This iterative development process increases the chances of creating a well-rounded and flourishing app.

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Wrapping Up!

The success of the food delivery app Getir has started the “ food delivery app development services” wave spreading to different industries like clothing, beauty, pharma, etc. On-demand app success has started a revolution among people to invest in on-demand applications. But successful on-demand experiences need string app script, which is robust, scalable, and customization. So always go for top app clone development companies that are reputed names in this on-demand industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Strap on your entrepreneurial spirit and prepare to revolutionize the on-demand food delivery game with your unique Getir clone app!

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