Food Delivery Clone Apps Promising Startup a Competitive Edge

Food Delivery Clone Apps
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • August 30, 2022
  • 5 min read

Today if you visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store of your respective Android or iOS device, you will find many popular food delivery apps that provide quick meal delivery services. These have been predominantly responsible for the industry’s profits growing. However, when we talk about the profitable scope of the app, you should remember building the solution from scratch consumes a lot of time and finances. Here food delivery clone apps step into the picture. These custom solutions allow restaurant startups to attain scalability and growth in a short time. It also gives them the desired support to get a solution that is at par with their business needs and the needs of their customers so they can earn a good amount of revenue.

Many clone apps are responsible for the food delivery startup’s boosted visibility. Out of these, we have shortlisted the ten that have given the restaurant a competitive edge.

Read about them in the article below and get ready to be enthralled.

Popular Food Delivery App Clones in the Market

The online food delivery services market will witness a growth of $159.46 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 5.6%. Hence, a traditional restaurant setup must digitize the way it provides food delivery services so that brand visibility grows manifold for them. How can this area be achieved? With the presence of food delivery apps. But as we stated in the lines earlier, building an app from scratch consumes enormous time and finances. Hence, include on demand food delivery app clones in the operations.

Take a look at the popular ones in the market below.

1. UberEats

ubereats app

Coming first in the list of popular food delivery apps that are custom in nature, the UberEats clone app is a custom food delivery app built on the lines of the popular UberEats app. Customizable, the app is easy to update and modify. Therefore, businesses get the flexibility to achieve scalability and growth in a short time.

Some of the features present in this app are as follows.

  • Flexible login hours
  • In-app call and chat for drivers and customers
  • Accept/reject the delivery request
  • Restaurant profile
  • Search versatile items

2. Seamless

seamless app

Seamless gives restaurant startups the support to get a competitive edge. It additionally also allows the customers to find restaurants nearby and enjoy a hearty feast with near and dear ones.

The solution is built on the lines of the Seamless app to ensure quick meal orders and delivery and provide customers access to restaurants nearby New York.

Here are elements in the app that make it a favorite among food delivery startups.

  • Find restaurants nearby
  • Order information
  • Deals and rewards
  • Track delivery in real-time
  • Get perks

3. GrubHub

GrubHub allows customers easily find restaurants that match their choice and relish dishes that suit their taste buds. This makes it come in the third number on our ten popular food delivery apps list. It allows customers easily find restaurants and order meals of their choice and relish them.

Coming with these features, in particular, the solution is worth incorporating for the food delivery startup.

  • Order management
  • Schedule deliveries
  • Track nearby restaurants
  • Pre-ordering
  • Rating and reviews

4. Doordash

doordash app

Doordash food delivery app boosts profits for the food delivery business and allows customers to find restaurants and meals conveniently.

Built to aid restaurant startups to get a competitive edge, it consists the features like the ones listed below.

  • Inventory tracking
  • Reservation management
  • Receipt management
  • Order management
  • Receive restaurant recommendations

5. Postmates

postmates app

Built to deliver meals, groceries, etc. anytime, anywhere with prominence on the former (food delivery), the Postmates food delivery clone app’s development has been done. It allows customers to access restaurants at any hour of the day or night. The app has a vast array of features, a few of which are listed down below. These give the food delivery business the desired support to have strong visibility among its end customers.

  • Route management
  • Order management
  • Route optimization
  • Schedule delivery for later
  • Dispatch management

6. Deliveroo

deliveroo app

To make food delivery services a seamless process, the Deliveroo app’s development has been done. It simultaneously also gives customers the added benefit to customize their menu and enjoy a sumptuous meal. Developed for easy order placement and quick deliveries, the solution is customizable and easy to update. It gives the restaurant startup the desired support to achieve scalability and growth in a short time.

Some of the unique features present in the solution that especially makes this solution so popular among food delivery startups are as follows.

  • Schedule order in advance
  • Promotions and offers
  • Set meals as favorite
  • Subscriptions
  • Search meals based on filters like the number of calories, etc.

7. Talabat

talabat app

Plan to give a competitive edge to your food delivery startup? The Talabat food delivery app is the solution to assist you in this. The app allows customers to conveniently order meals from their house and get the delivery done to their doorstep. Due to these features, the solution is a favorite among customers, delivery drivers, and business owners.

  • Track delivery professionals in real-time
  • Accept/reject orders
  • Order management
  • Setting pickup on the map
  • Earning report

8. Foodpanda

foodpanda app

Want to transform the way you deliver meals to customers? The Foodpanda food delivery clone app makes this a reality. The customizable solution ascertains food delivery startup is visible among more end-users in a short time.

Some of the unique features present in the solution that give it a standout nature are as follows.

  • Social media ordering support
  • Order status
  • View sales reports
  • Book table

9. Swiggy

swiggy app

Swiggy is a popular food delivery app in Southeast Asia that gives customers the support to order meals and get the delivery done with the utmost convenience to the doorstep. This easy nature of the solution has been responsible for the custom Swiggy Food Delivery clone app creation.

The app built with the motto to help restaurant startups stand out from their competitors contains these features too.

  • Food categories management
  • Explore restaurants nearby
  • Manage orders
  • Track orders in real-time
  • Calorie calculator

10. Zomato

zomato app

The Zomato app helps restaurants to boost visibility among a good percentage of customers and earn revenues too. It also allows the latter to reserve tables in a restaurant to enjoy sumptuous dishes with loved ones. Keeping the business model of Zomato in strict focus, the solution gives restaurants and customers the support to connect, aids the former in digitizing how it provides food delivery services and gains visibility among end customers.

It consists of the following features that assist the business to successfully stand out from counterparts when they include the clone app.

  • Multiple payment options
  • Membership plans
  • Digital invoice
  • MIS reports
  • Menu item alter

Going through the list, you can understand how on demand food delivery clone apps have changing the food business and give the restaurant a competitive edge and stand out from their counterparts in a streamlined way.

So are you a food delivery startup that wishes to make your food delivery services known among more customers? Yes? Read the lines below to gain insight into what you should do to achieve this.

Connect to On Demand Food Delivery App Development Company Offshore

For the quality of the end, the solution to remain the best- connect with an on demand food delivery app development company partner offshore.

Visit GoodWorks and Clutch to find organizations specializing in developing on demand food delivery app clones. Check their portfolio and go through the client reviews. Once you have gone through these two areas, you can correspond with a support professional from their organization to ascertain if you should go ahead with them or not.

Summing Up

Reading this comprehensive list of popular food delivery apps that are custom in nature, you have gotten an insight into the nature of these solutions and the features it contains that make them a hot favorite among those who plan to give their restaurant startup a competitive edge. If you are also thus planning to give your food delivery startup a digital base, choose from these solutions the one you feel will allow you to stand out from competitors successfully.

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