Food Delivery Clone – The Perfect Startup Idea for 2023 – 2024

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • March 03, 2023
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Have you digitized operations for your food delivery business until now? No? As 2023 has seen three months passing by and we are nine months away into 2024, in case you have not taken the app advantage yet, you are missing out on potential business advantages.

After the enormous success of online food delivery apps like UberEats and Zomato, to name a few, it has become quite clear that restaurants need this solution to grow their presence. This is followed by aiding in getting their visibility boosted.

Here we need to add that alongside a strong app presence, localization and serving future customer needs also be made possible through the solution. This is where food delivery app clone finds their way.

The solution known for its ready-to-launch and customizable nature has attracted the attention of startups. However, some have doubts if it is worth integrating into business operations in the first place. This is something that we will help unravel in this article. It will solve the mystery if it is a perfect solution for restaurant startups in 2023 and 2024.

Facts and Figures About Online Food Delivery Apps

Before we present you with the different reasons to get readymade food delivery apps for food delivery startups, let us know the stats about online food delivery apps. We have enlisted them in the pointers below.

  • The online food delivery apps market will attain a market size of $320 billion by 2029 (Business of Apps).
  • The market will generate revenues of $0.91 trillion by 2023 (Statista).
  • The number of users to go up and become 2644.2 million by 2027 (Statista).
  • User penetration rate to be up by 37.2% in 2023 (Statista).

Check out these graphs to get a visual representation of these statistical findings.

food delivery market stats

The graph above depicts the revenue growth in the food delivery market integrating food delivery apps.

food delivery market stats

Image Source:

In this image, you can observe the user penetration rate for online food delivery apps and their growth as it has happened.

Introducing You to Food Delivery Clone

The figures and stats presented by us above help uncover the overall popularity that online food delivery apps have brought forth for customers thereby prompting food business startups to empower their operations with the solution. However, it often becomes a matter of concern when it comes to addressing future business and customer needs, followed by achieving localization. This is where the readymade food delivery apps – the food delivery clone finds their way.

These solutions are the white-label one that helps them develop food-ordering apps at a quick pace and reach out to customers faster. This is followed by assisting them to serve customer needs and their business requirements in a rather streamlined way. This is a result of the features and functionalities they contain which include but are not limited to the following-

features of food delivery app

Why Should You Create a Food Delivery App Clone?

As a result of its customizable nature, followed by its modifiable capability; more and more restaurant startups are enabling their operations with the food delivery app clone. There are however many who remain doubtful of its advantages.

why choose food delivery clone

We discuss these benefits in detail below.

• Development and Launch Cost is Less

For a restaurant startup; the prospect of developing a food delivery app is a costly affair. This is where the food delivery app clone comes as a blessing in disguise for them as it saves on cost for them. This is particularly for purposes like development and launch due to it being easy to customize and white-labeled.

• Is Easy to Use

With the solution having unmatched and unparalleled UI/UX design, the users’ engagement level for this solution remains high. This ensures food ordering, and delivery process takes place conveniently when customers place orders through it. This alternatively also provides aid to the restaurant and food delivery business to easily manage their operations, orders, and so on in a rather streamlined way.

• Make Way into Competitive Food Delivery Market

The online food delivery apps market has a trillion-dollar potential which makes it extremely competitive in the truest sense. This makes it crucial for restaurant businesses to keep themselves ahead of the competition. What better way than to empower their operations with readymade food delivery apps as it helps them make their way successfully into the competitive food delivery market!

• Is Customizable

Probably one of the major benefits the solution provides to restaurants is its customizable nature. This helps them to tailor the app as per their brand needs, and the requirements their customers have. This in turn ensures they can successfully stand out from the competition. This equally ascertains that their operations gain a competitive edge.

• Supports Rapid Business Growth

The most important benefit you get from the solution is its scalability. This helps the business meet increasing demands in a streamlined way. It equally provides them with the aid to achieve rapid growth and earn more customers. Therefore, in a nutshell, it is a win-win solution altogether for food delivery startups.

How to Develop Food Ordering Apps from Scratch?

We have enabled you with the different advantages your restaurant business obtains when you create a food delivery app clone. Here you need to remember that there are many such solutions already present in the market. Therefore, remember these points before you develop a food ordering apps from scratch so you can drive maximum value for your business setup.

steps to build food delivery clone

#Do Your Research Well

You need to do your research well in advance. This includes examining what your customers want, and the issues they face while ordering meals from a current food delivery app. This is followed by analyzing your competitors. When you perform this, you get a comprehensive view of how their solution fares in the market, customer reviews, the missing elements, and so on. All these factors thereupon will help you to ideate an app design strategy that engages users. It will alternatively also support you to create a solution that stands out from the rest.

#Keep App Relevant

Keep the solution as relevant as possible. To achieve this, you need to include the best and most unique set of features. Here are some you can consider.

Customer App Delivery Boy App Restaurant Panel
Order Tracking Order Request in Real-Time Restaurant Management
Schedule Order Earning Report Assign Pick-Up Request to Driver
Multiple Payment Options Invoice Generation Order Requests in Real-Time
Advanced Search Filter In-App Chat/Call Reports and Analytics

#Create a Strong Restaurant and Logistic Support Chain

The last crucial step to remember when you develop food ordering apps is creating a robust chain of restaurants and logistics. Doing so will enable customers to find the best places to dine and order meals. It will alternatively help them get quick deliveries as and when they place an order through your solution. This will also help your restaurant business maintain consumer retention.

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Are You Ready to Revolutionize Restaurant Ops in 2023-2024?

With 3 months passing after we stepped into 2023 and 9 months into 2024, an active app presence will help the restaurant business boost its brand value in these years. However, since you equally need to cater to future needs, you require a solution that makes this possible. This makes it vital to create a food delivery app clone. This will help you to easily maintain the cost of developing an app from scratch. With us as your partners in this, you can be sure to achieve this and build a name in the food delivery market. As a reliable on-demand app development company, when you collaborate with us, you can be sure your food delivery app clone addresses future needs seamlessly. You can also earn returns like never before. Build a stunning place in the food delivery market with readymade food delivery apps in 2023- 2024.

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