HungerStation App – How To Digitize Your Business in Saudi Arabia?

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  • March 14, 2023
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According to Statista, the online food delivery app market in Saudi Arabia will grow 29% in 2024. The revenues will become $10.02 billion by 2023 end. These valuations suggest the profitable prospects of these solutions in the region.

You must be wondering about the reason for this. Apps like HungerStation, Jahez, and Herfy are responsible for this, with the former being responsible for the popularity of the market growth.

The HungerStation app had its launch in 2012. Over the years, it has become one of the first online food delivery platforms that assist customers in locating restaurants nearby, finding meals, and ordering them to get the delivery done at a steadfast pace. Alternatively, it has also helped ensure quick grocery delivery services for the users there.

This has been majorly responsible for its astounding popularity, the other being that customers get access to 20,000+ restaurants and grocery stores there. These two factors have been predominantly crucial in the solution earning a prominent place there as a leading food and grocery delivery platform.

The others are cited by us in the article here. After you complete reading it, you will gain perspective on the solution’s predominant popularity, and the strategies whose implementation will aid you to build a food delivery app similar to this platform.

About – HungerStation App

hungerstation app

The HungerStation app was launched in 2012. Thereafter it earned a reputation as being a popular platform that makes meal and grocery delivery services take place smoothly.

Giving customers to a diverse range of stores and restaurants, alongside presenting them with a wide array of meal choices, and store options, the solution is quite popular indeed.

The USP that particularly helps the platform to stand out are-

  • Have over 20,000+ products registered on the platform.
  • Possesses the potential to capture a large customer base courtesy of it making available food and grocery delivery services under one single platform.
  • Makes available deliveries round-the-clock from 8 in the morning to 2 at night alongside providing aid to customers in scheduling deliveries for later too.
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Reasons for HungerStation’s Popularity in Saudi Arabia

Many reasons contribute to the popularity of the HungerStation app. Some of these reasons are outlined by us below.

1. Easy App Operations

The app has extremely simple operations. Being easy to install, having extremely easy registration, and a neat and clean design, it allows customers to easily enter the platform and order meals.

Check out this image to get a peek at the app’s functionality.

easy app operations

Here’s discussing the app operations in the pointers below-

  • Customer enters the platform, adds their location details, and is presented with a list of restaurants nearby from which they select one matching preference.
  • They choose the meal they want and add them to the cart making payment for them.
  • The user is notified of the order being sent to the restaurant.
  • The restaurant accepts the order and assigns a driver to pick the order up.
  • The driver reaches the restaurant and picks up the order up.
  • Order gets picked up; the customer is notified of it and the customer and delivery driver can track one another.
  • The order arrives and the customer is provided the flexibility to share a review of their meal experience.

2. USP of HungerStation App

Followed by having extremely easy operations, the app also comes with a unique set of features for the customer, the delivery driver, and the restaurant. They are outlined below.

Customer App Delivery Boy App Restaurant Panel
Easy login Set availability Admin dashboard
Advanced search filter Accept/reject order requests Restaurant management
Find restaurants nearby Set order status Order management
Customize meal In-app chat/call Refund management
Multiple payment modes Rating/review Reports and analytics

3. Revenue Model

There are three different methods through which the HungerStation app generates profits. We have enlisted them below.

  • Increased demand for deliveries.
  • Wide range of product availability and being enabled with its delivery as per the customers’ convenience.
  • Affordable pricing for the meals thereby ensuring more users remain engaged with the platform.

How to Develop Food Delivery App like HungerStation?

Knowing the different factors that have contributed to the app’s increasing popularity you can understand why it has enticed the attention of those wishing to build food delivery app market in Saudi Arabia.

It is therefore crucial we gain insight into the steps for developing food delivery app like HungerStation.

steps to build hungerstation app

• Research on Customers

Conduct thorough research on your customers and the target market you want to reach. This means you must study their needs and be aware of them. This will help you to get a perspective on the level of satisfaction they currently have while using the app and the areas for improvement they are looking for.

Ask some crucial questions like-

  • What features are missing in the current solution?
  • What is the USP of the app they use?
  • Are customers happy? Yes/no? If not, how do I address the same in my app?

• Ideate App Design Strategy

Once you have a perspective and an answer to the above questions it is recommended next to ideate an app design strategy. This will ensure that customers can flawlessly operate the app, enter it, and order meals with considerable ease once they locate restaurants nearby.

• Integrate Robust Tech Stacks

Once you have a design strategy in place it is next important to integrate technology stacks that are robust tech stacks. This crucial step will ensure that your app does not crash or witness any fluctuations, so to speak.

Here are some you can consider-

  • Application and Data – JavaScript, Python, jQuery
  • Utilities –Google Analytics, Data Studio
  • DevOps –GitHub, Docker, Eclipse
  • Business Tools –Slack, G Suite
  • Payments –Braintree, PayPal

• Enter Development and Deployment Stage

Here we need to create the front and back ends of your app. This follows by integrating an API for your app.

This will allow your app to get a wireframe so that you know what it looks like. Once you do this, publish the platform on different marketplaces like the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Release the beta version of your platform asking customers to download it and share their feedback.

• Market Your App

Now you need to perform some promotional tactics to get more customers. Hence, it is recommended to use SEO-friendly methods which include conducting site audits, creating links, and last application store optimization with ASO being prime among them. With this, you can ensure more installs and more user engagement in the long.

Here are some methods you can follow during this.

  • Add short introduction
  • Include app descrtipion
  • Outline its basic features and USP

• Outsource Food Delivery App Development Company

The last recommended step during the journey of food delivery app development services is to connect with a food delivery app development company. It is recommended to partner with a company that will aid you to build food delivery clone. Make sure you assess particularity their skills in developing the HungerStation clone app studying particularly its customizable, and open-source nature. This will provide you with the level of ownership that you will get in the solution.

Estimated Cost to Develop HungerStation Clone App

With this, we have covered all that goes to build a food delivery app in Saudi Arabia on the lines of the HungerStation app. We have also understood the reasons for the app’s growing popularity as a food and grocery delivery platform there. So, if one is considering building a prominent presence building an app on similar lines, it is imperative to focus on your budget.

Some areas can affect this-

cost to build hungerstation app

Keeping these areas in check is crucial to keep the budget in balance. This makes it vital to incorporate the food delivery clone. While adopting it, when you have ensured your features are relevant, your app design is user-friendly, etc., the estimated cost to develop HungerStation clone app will be around $20,000 to $40,000+ based on these elements.

Wrapping Up

Saudi Arabia is slowly and steadily becoming a hotbed for the on-demand food and grocery app market courtesy of apps such as the HungerStation app. This has contributed to new startups focusing on developing an app on similar lines keeping cost in check. This has encouraged them to adopt the ready-made HungerStation clone app to boost their visibility and presence. In case you are on the pry to accomplishing this, get in touch with us today. Our custom food delivery app development services ensure you can build a prominent place in the Saudi Arabia market in a reasonably short time.

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