How to Build OpenTable Like Restaurant Reservation App? Know Here

opentable like restaurant booking app
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • February 07, 2023
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Until the pandemic came, it was a challenge in itself to locate a restaurant that was adept of queues and served the most delicious meals. However, after COVID-19 ended, this task got digitized too. Courtesy of the arrival of the OpenTable app, it became possible for users to locate restaurants, bars, and wineries nearby, finding out if they had any queues at the moment, thereupon which they could reserve a space there so they could enjoy a sumptuous treat with their loved ones.

This went on to further the encouragement of those who wanted to explore this space thereby enticing them to build an app on similar lines. However, when it comes to the development task, it is to be remembered that the process is extremely exhaustive. Therefore, if the base is not strong, the business is doomed to failure even before it begins. Thus, it demands you know the tricks for going about the process.

As you read the article, you will be able to comprehend the relevance of building this app. Once you have a basic on this, we will cite the steps that will make the development process smooth for you.

All You Need to Know about OpenTable App

OpenTable app is probably one of the oldest restaurant reservation apps. Launched in the USA in 1998, over the years, it has gone on to create a name helping users navigate, and locate restaurants. This is in the endeavor to allow them to easily make a reservation at a food joint and enjoy sumptuous dishes.

Alongside the capability it provides users in reserving tables; the platform is also known for aiding them in browsing through the menu, locating their most popular dishes, finding out the direction, and so on.

The app additionally has these features within which particularly aid it to stand out.

• Features of OpenTable App

features of opentable app

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Why Build an eRestaurant App?

Knowing the USP of restaurant reservation app like OpenTable, it is important now to comprehend the relevance to build an eRestaurant app.

Check out these stats below to gain insight into this aspect.

  • 83% of diners prefer their names on a wait list before arriving at the food joint.
  • 85% recommend knowing the wait time.

Looking at these stats however does not give corroboration on why it is essential to build the app. So here’s listing out the same for you.

  • Boosts visibility for restaurants allowing more customers (potential) to get information about them.
  • Aids in mitigating the spread of the virus by ensuring the creation of a digital waitlist.
  • Helps in the task of monitoring the overall capacity of restaurants so that any possible chances of those limits getting exceeded are relieved completely.
  • Provides flexibility in blocking off reserved tables so that it becomes possible to adjust to new guidelines so as to optimize the restaurant seating currently available.

Steps to Develop OpenTable App

Apart from knowing the how; it is equally crucial to know the why. This is what we covered in the pointers above. This cites why it is relevant to build a restaurant booking app like OpenTable. To go about this, it is recommended to keep a lot of procedures handy.

Check out the image below to glance through it.

steps to build opentable like restaurant app

We have six main steps to develop the OpenTable app. This includes market research, documenting the features for inclusion, and choosing an appropriate design. This is followed by entering the development phase, wherein testing, and deployment are important followed by marketing.

• Research the Market

Know your competitors well in advance when you want to develop a restaurant reservation app like OpenTable. This follows next by educating yourself about the requirements of your customers as well. With the knowledge that you get on these two aspects; you can build an application that stands out from the rest.

• Highlight Unique Features

It is relevant next to choose the features wisely. This will allow user engagement to take place successfully. It will alternatively make the process of table reservation streamlined and smooth.

Here are the ones that you can particularly include in your app.

Customer App Delivery Boy App
Social login Stock management
Advanced search filter Accept/reject reservation requests
Choose seating Restaurant profile management
Reservation history Reports and analytics
Ratings and reviews Revenue management

• Ideate Appealing Design Strategy

Once you have gotten a foresight of the features that you wish to include in your app; it is relevant to next ideate a design strategy. It is recommended to choose one that is user-friendly so maximum user engagement takes place. This is important as the success of your app depends on it. In a situation wherein the design is not proficient at being user-friendly, the user engagement level will go down.

• Enter Development Phase

Now we enter the phase of development. We have chosen an app design. Next, we need to connect with a company specialising in the field of food delivery app development services. Examine their portfolio, client reviews, work testimonials, etc, carefully. Once you find the company is good enough; connect with them, share your requirements, and corroborate their understanding. Finally, when you feel they have understood your needs, go ahead and partner with them to observe your app idea achieving fruition.

• Keep Testing

Once your app is ready, ensure to test it as much as possible to check the presence of any possible malware or virus, alongside observing if crashes, etc take place. Also, try to observe if you can book a table through the platform by registering as a user. When you get a green signal to this, you are good to go to publish it.

• Deploy

Now we enter the app publishing stage. You have completed all the stages of developing the food delivery app solutions. It is time we have it launched. How do we do that? Release a beta version of your restaurant reservation app like OpenTable and ask users to share their experience. Once you have a first-hand view of this, update it so you gain a competitive edge.

• Market Your App

Last, it is relevant to market your app. Therefore, create an effective marketing strategy. To perform this task, run marketing campaigns on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Try to use ASO tools also known as App Store Optimisation tools so that visibility and appeal become easy to enhance.

How Restaurant Reservation Apps like OpenTable Make Money?

Take a peek at this image to observe how do restaurant reservation apps like OpenTable make money and generate revenues.

how restaurant reservation app like opentable app

As you can observe in the image above, there are two mediums through which the platform generates revenue.

  • Through tools that get sold to restaurants for reservation management.
  • By offering an online booking service to make reservations.

Planning to Build an eRestaurant App?

So now you know the art to build an eRestaurant app. You also know the reasons for developing the platform. It is relevant we now understand how much does it cost to build restaurant reservation app like OpenTable. This aspect is extremely important to get perspective on, particularly when you are setting foot for the first time in the sphere of restaurant reservation.

As you read the lines below, you will understand how to calculate this aspect with utmost precision so your budget remains in check and you can perform business operations without any obstacle or hindrance whatsoever.

Cost to Build Restaurant Reservation App like OpenTable

There are a wide array of factors that go into play when determining the budget for developing restaurant booking apps. This includes features, app design- its nature of complexity, the location of the developers, and most importantly, the technology integration done.

However, if we have to provide you with a rough figure for the cost to build restaurant reservation app like OpenTable, will be around the range of $7000 to $20,000.

Let’s Enter the Digitized Restaurant Reservation Arena Together

OpenTable app has been a game-changer in the world of restaurant reservations making it easy for users to reserve a table in advance. This is so they can enjoy a sumptuous treat with their loved ones whilst ignoring queues thereby enticing the attention of those who are yet to make their presence felt here in this arena. In case you are in the quest to do something along the lines of this app, connect with us today. Our team of tech geeks look forward to placing their best foot forward in implementing the best practices during food delivery app development services to build a restaurant reservation app that attracts maximum user engagement and helps you obtain maximum returns right from the word GO!

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