How to Develop FreshToHome-Like App? Steps, Features, Cost

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  • January 20, 2023
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Digitization of almost every task today has brought about revolution; so to speak. Starting from how one orders meals to how one shops for meat and other respective products; they have observed a transformation courtesy of the presence of these innovations. Mobile apps, particularly the ones like meat and fish delivery app; have streamlined the way customers shop for these products. Many popular apps have been predominantly responsible for the popularity of these solutions growing. One among those is apps like FreshToHome.

The app was launched in 2011 by Shan Kadavil and since its launch, it has made available antibiotic-free chicken, duck, mutton, fish, etc. to places like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.

As a result of the platform having easy operations followed by constituting some unique features; the platform has enticed the attention of those who still sell meal offline. It has encouraged them to develop an app that is similar to the aforementioned one so they can grow their user base, and earn boosted user engagement, and returns like never before.

In case you plan to develop an app on similar lines and earn good returns, we have brought forth this article for you. Here are the areas that we will cover-

  • About FreshToHome
  • Nature of popularity gained by FreshToHome
  • How to develop an app like FreshToHome?
  • Why should you invest in FreshToHome app?
  • Cost to develop FreshToHome like app

All About FreshToHome

freshtohome app

Launched in 2011 by Shan Kadavil, FreshToHome is an on demand meat and fish delivery app that streamlines the way customers shop these products.

The app possesses a unique design that enables customers to locate these products rather conveniently. Additionally, as a result of the platform having easy operations; it makes it easy for customers to order the items they are in search of and get the delivery done thereafter.

Finally, through its possession of the best-in-line features, the platform ensures customers can easily connect with the meat stores so seamless delivery takes place.

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FreshToHome – Market Value

Check out the market stats below to know the value of the FreshToHome app to understand its lucrative value and the nature of its popularity too.

  • Provides deliveries in over 150 cities in India.
  • Partners with over 100 stores to ensure smooth deliveries take place.
  • Has over 200 products listed on the platform.
  • Revenues that the platform generated was 600 Crores in 2020.
  • Processes 15 lakh orders per month.
  • Has around 18 lakh customers registered on the platform.

Are You Ready to Enter the Meat Delivery App Market?

You have gauged an idea by now into the lucrative prospect of the solution courtesy of the number of customers it has and the number of orders it receives. You can understand why it has accomplished so much popularity in the first place among foodopreneurs who plan to build something along similar lines. In case you are also in pursuit to achieve something similar, follow the steps that we have mentioned in the lines below.

How to Develop Apps like FreshToHome?

When you embark on the journey to develop apps like FreshToHome, it is recommended that you follow these methodologies so that the meat and fish ordering and delivery process takes place smoothly.

#Study User Needs Thoroughly

Before you even develop an app that delivers meat and fish respectively, it is recommended that you study the user needs well in advance. In other words, study their buying behavior, the purchasing modes they use for payment, etc Once you have gained insight into these aspects, it will become easy to ideate an app design strategy.

#Adopt Unique Business Model

Another crucial aspect that you need to consider during the process is to focus on strategic planning. Hence, you need to select an appropriate business model.

Here are the ones that you can use-

freshtohome business model

#Incorporate Unique Feature

Next, it is relevant to keep the app unique. Hence, make sure to include the features such as the ones listed below.

Customer App

  • Multiple payment modes to enable customers seamlessly pay for the groceries ordered by them.
  • Advanced search filter to streamline the search process for the grocery items.
  • Add item to cart to create a convenient checkout process.
  • Create wishlist to make it easy for the customer to add items they would want to shop late.

Store App

  • Update store details to assist the store to easily modify details of the store.
  • Warehouse management to manage the different activities performed by the warehouse.
  • Inventory management to update details of the inventory whether they are in stock and remove those that are not in stock.
  • Reports and analytics to help the store keep track of the orders, the profits generated, etc. and gain insight into the areas of concern that the store needs to remember for enhancing the way the app is performing.

Delivery Boy App

  • Set availability status online/offline to allow the delivery driver set their status so the store knows the driver is available for pickup.
  • Real-time live track to customer location to enable the drivers to know the estimated arrival time of the delivery
  • In-app chat/call to assist the customer and delivery driver to connect with one another through the app.
  • Earning history to support the delivery driver gain perspective into the earning they have generated through the app.

#Use Tech Stacks That Are Robust

Next, it is extremely integral to use technologies that have been around for long. This will allow the app to function effectively without facing incidents of crashes.

Here are the ones you can particularly use-

  • Application and data – jQuery, NGINX, CloudFlare
  • Utilities – Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Maps
  • DevOps – New Relic
  • Business Tools – Gmail, Google Fonts

#Implement a Unique Revenue Model

To support you in the quest to earn profitably well through the apps like FreshToHome, it is extremely crucial that you next select a unique revenue model.

Here are the ones that are quite in demand among businesses when they want to develop a meat and fish delivery app.

  • Commissions to the store for every order they receive.
  • Delivery fees to store for delivery-related services.
  • Delivery charges to the customer during peak hours.
  • Advertisement fees to stores, new ones particularly, for the listings they perform.

#Get the FreshToHome Clone App

When you perform on-demand meat delivery app development, it is a good idea that you focus on saving costs so the process takes place smoothly. Hence, it is suggested to get the FreshToHome clone app. Integrating the solution into your operations will allow you to gain quick business visibility. It will also ensure you can serve and address future business and customer needs without any form of difficulty.

Benefits of the FreshToHome Clone App

When we cite that it is recommended to get the FreshToHome clone app. In other words, when we say, you should get food delivery app solutions that are ready-made, it is vital you know the benefits that the solution endows the business with. We have listed them in the pointers below.

benefits of freshtohome app

Note- There are many such food delivery app solutions in the market. Therefore, observe their open-source nature and the percentage of ownership you have on the solution.

What We Have Covered?

With this, we have covered all the aspects related to on-demand meat delivery app development. It is now vital to understand the relevance of investing in the FreshToHome app.

Why Should You Invest in the FreshToHome App?

It is a good idea to invest in the FreshToHome app that is ready-made and ready-to-launch as it will help your meat delivery business get boosted brand value, automate its operations, keep track of sales, and stay ahead of competition.

Estimated Cost to Build an App like FreshToHome

When you want to ascertain the cost to build an app like FreshToHome, you must place focus on aspects like features, functionalities, etc, and the country from where you outsource the services for on-demand meat delivery app development.

Once these areas get addressed seamlessly, the budget you have to allocate for this task will be in the range of $10,000 to $20,000.

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Concluding Thoughts

Want to develop a one-of-a-kind meat and fish delivery app on the lines of FreshToHome to ensure customers get quick meat and fish delivery at their doorstep? Get in touch with us now. Our team of developers with their expertise in building apps like FreshToHome will ensure that the end solution helps your business earn competitive profits, and returns like never before alongside helping you in boosting the level of user engagement as well smoothly.

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