How to Monitor Multichain Restaurant Operations? Know Steps

How to Monitor Multichain Restaurant Operations?
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • March 27, 2023
  • 5 min read

Monitoring and managing your restaurant’s operations is undoubtedly a daunting task. It becomes a challenge, in particular, if you are running a multi-chain one. However, if you do this right, success will be at your feet.

Now you may be wondering what we mean by a multi-chain restaurant. The concept is easy. It involves the creation of multiple outlets of one particular food chain. Take, for instance, Mcdonalds’. This is a classic example of a multi-chain restaurant.

Knowing the definition of the concept, you must be thinking about how the operations of this multi-chain eatery are so smooth in the first place. Read this article to check out the different stages for management to build a multichain restaurant business.

Obstacles You May Face While Operating Multi-Chain Restaurant

When you build a multi-location restaurant business, you may come across many obstacles. We have highlighted some of them below in the pointers. Check them out.

  • Ensuring that all items in the restaurants have the same price.
  • Maintain equality in taste.
  • Monitor the accounts and perform audits.
  • Managing purchases.
  • Keeping control over the inventories.
  • Having an idea of the business performance.
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What is the Solution?

To successfully overcome the obstacles that come your way when you conceive and create a multichain restaurant business and ensure that the operations can convene without any difficulty, you need one solution. This involves one that helps you automate operations. To accomplish this, keep these points in place.

steps to build multichain restaurant business

1. Get an RMS in Place

The first worry that may come your way, particularly, while dealing with the operations related to your multichain restaurant is enabling a good level of control over this. This is where it is crucial to own a robust RMS (restaurant management system). This will give you a detailed view of food materials you require. This follows by providing you a foresight into the quantity of meals consumed and wasted, helping you keep your cost within the check.

2. Automate Inventory Management

Another issue you might encounter while handling the functioning of these outlets is keeping a check on the inventory. This is where it becomes crucial to use different software. Doing so will allow you to monitor the stock status of the food outlets you own. This ultimately will prevent the woes related to running short of stock, helping you remain alerted on placing fresh orders when stocks are less in quantity and enabling the overall security of your supplies and raw materials.

3. Acquire POS System

Your main responsibility as a multichain restaurant business owner is to be aware of its sales. This means having an idea of your current sales. This will give you a fair view of the path you need to take for future sales. This is where it becomes crucial to get yourself accessibility to a POS (point of sales) system. It will allow you to comprehend the performance of every respective outlet and help you to locate the areas where your efforts need to be focused more.

4. Build a Robust Organizational Structure

To ensure you can build a hit online food delivery app in 2023 for your multichain food venture, keep clarity in the responsibilities your staff has. This follows next by maintaining a clear level of communication with the staff. How do you achieve this? You can do this through the incorporation of a robust organizational structure. This will make it possible for your staff to get a notion of their duties in a smooth way. It will aid you in creating a healthy work culture and monitoring the performance of your employees.

5. Get Online Food Ordering & Delivery Apps Edge

With online food ordering & delivery apps becoming a solution that helps restaurants get their services boosted visibility, it comes as no surprise that to enable smooth operations for your multichain venture as well these applications and their incorporation are a necessity of the hour. It will give you the desired impetus to manage your operations. It will also help you remain more organized, aid your employees to boost their productivity, aid you to take care of your sales and monitor it rather smoothly, so to speak, and most important give you the desired assistance to monitor your menus in a streamlined way. In short, therefore, invest in food delivery app development services to empower your operations with a solution that automates operations for you.

cost to build food delivery app

6. Determine a Pricing Strategy

Probably something you cannot miss out on while handling the operations for your multichain restaurant is getting a pricing strategy in place. Therefore, it is important to perform the steps such as the ones listed below-

  • Comprehend accounting costs.
  • Keeping yourself in check with the different fluctuations in food prices owing to reasons like supply shortage, seasonality, etc.
  • Maintaining awareness about the pricing strategies of your competitors.
  • Scheduling the order placement.

Bonus Tips

In addition to the steps that are listed above, others that you can follow to enable smooth operations when you build multi-location restaurant business are as the ones listed below-

  • Perform sales forecasting to be aware of the overall labor demand. This is possible through the use of historical sales data and trend analysis.
  • Use software like POS systems, scheduling tools, etc., so that it becomes easy for you to optimize the overall labor allocation.
  • Streamline the hiring process through the use of HR and payroll software and automate different tasks like employee onboarding, paying them, and so on.
  • Try to simplify restaurant operations by adopting solutions like QR code scanners to get hold of the menu, social media marketing tools, etc.
  • Track the feedback of your customers ensuring that they receive a timely response. This is something that you can make achievable through customer feedback surveys, loyalty programs, etc.

Popular Multi-Chain Restaurant Business Operations Software

With the awareness that you have gauged into the different tricks that you can follow to ensure smooth operations when you build a multi-location restaurant business, it is crucial that you also educate yourself about the different software that can particularly help you with this.

famous restaurant system

  1. Yodeck – A cloud-based digital signage platform, Yodeck gives restaurants the desired support to create digital signs within minutes. This is thanks to the different tools it contains for creating custom standard templates alongside the aid it provides in integration with third-party apps like Baremetrics, Trello, Google Calendar, etc.
  2. Possier – To assist you in your billing-related tasks, and ensure that you can perform this with utmost convenience, Possier comes as a blessing in disguise. Offering a hybrid billing method, the process of closing sales becomes a breeze.
  3. GoFrugal – Do you want to manage your billing? GoFrugal is what you need then. It will not only aid you to manage your billing and distribution routines. It will also aid you to automate the different financial transactions you make.

Ending Words

When you run a multichain restaurant business it becomes imperative to ensure that its operations remain streamlined. Failure to do so may make it difficult for you to serve your customers rather well. It will alternatively also make employee and financial management an ordeal for you. Hence, the perfect startup idea to start food business, particularly a multichain one is to get ownership of the food delivery clone. With the solution having the desired attributes to streamline operations management, you can deliver to your best potential to your customers, and take your food business to the next level.

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