Complete Guide On Restaurant Table Booking App Development

Comprehensive Guide to Restaurant Table Booking App Development
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • April 07, 2023
  • 5 min read

Do you own a restaurant? You must be aware of the time you have to spend managing reservations. Your managers must be taking calls every day to perform this activity. But what if we told you there is a solution to automate this task? You don’t believe us? It is true.

Courtesy of the digital revolution that has transformed every sector, there is a solution to help food delivery joints handle different activities. These range from updating their menu details to how they take care of reservations.

The solution known as, online restaurant booking system has become a blessing in disguise for assisting food delivery joints in streamlining operations. Popular restaurant table booking app like OpenTable, EazyDiner, Eat App, etc. have been responsible for the prominence of this solution growing among those planning to digitize their functionalities.

If you are among one of them, congratulations, you are at the right destination. In this article, we explain the different factors contributing to the popularity of this solution. Thereafter, we list the tips to help you create a system for successfully managing table reservations.

● Reasons for Popularity of Restaurant Table Ordering App

Several factors have led to the popularity and prominence of the restaurant table ordering app growing. We have highlighted some of them here.

reasons to popularity of table booking app

• For Customers

  • Prevents woes related to standing in long queues as the customer can select a slot, book a table, or even pre-order their meals in advance.
  • Aids users to get a review of the food joint before they visit to enable them to gain insight into the level of hygiene they have, followed by the techniques they adopt during serving meals, etc.
  • Helps foodies to avoid the hassle of calling the restaurant to book a table as the app streamlines this task for them.

• For Restaurant Owners

  • Helps restaurants to provide the best customer service as the app educates them about the order, & enables that before the customers’ arrival, they receive them at the table.
  • Gives the owner the flexibility to present their menu online and update details as and when required.
  • Aids the food joint in taking reservations round-the-clock.

● Popular Examples of Restaurant Reservation App

During the pandemic when people were advised to maintain social distancing, the restaurant reservation app achieved huge prominence. It enabled customers to book a table in advance, know about the population currently present in the food joint, and so on. It also supported the food joints in promoting their services, delivering the best customer experience, and so on. Some popular platforms have been particularly responsible for the popularity of this concept growing. We have enlisted them below.

  • Dineout
  • EazyDiner
  • Eatigo
  • OpenTable

● How to Develop Online Restaurant Booking System?

To develop an online restaurant booking system that guarantees the food joint to operate effectively and supports your customers in booking a table in advance before they visit, follow these steps below.

1. Know Different Restaurant Reservation App Types

The first step to creating a successful restaurant app is to be aware of its different types. This will help you to enable customers to easily connect with you. It will also automate duties you or your staff execute.

  • Aggregator model:where restaurants get the flexibility to register themselves, and on every booking, they get charged an amount. This model has its emulation by popular systems like Yelp, OpenTable, etc.
  • Self-owned app model: where restaurant owners have their app developed to help customers book or reserve tables. Here, the difference is that these joints do not need to make any payment to any aggregator for the bookings they receive.

2. Outline Features to Add

Get a list of features you wish to add to your restaurant reservation app so that operations and table booking activities are easily performed.

Restaurant Owner Panel Customer App
Customer management Easy login
Vendor management Multiple payment systems
Approve or reject requests Wallet management
View reviews and feedback Live track flexibility
Approve or reject new vendors Receive reservation confirmation

3. Document Your Needs

Document your needs upon conducting thorough market research. This involves assessing competitor activities and comprehending the needs of your target market. To get hold of this data, perform surveys, send emails, etc. Through these actions, you will obtain standpoint of the requirements, features, etc. It will also assist you in ideating an appealing design strategy for maximum user retention and engagement.

4. Choose Appropriate Technologies

To enable your restaurant reservation app to scale and remain robust, it is a good idea to select appropriate technologies. There are two platforms where you would typically want to launch your app- iOS and Android. Hence, if you are in thoughts about the technologies to make the app development on these platforms smooth, we have enlisted them below.

  • Programming language for iOS – Objective-C, Swift
  • Toolkit for iOS – Apple Xcode
  • Programming languages for Android – Java, Kotlin
  • Toolkit for Android – Android Studio, Eclipse
  • For developing a cross-platform app – Flutter, React Native, Unity

5. Select Monetization Stream

To enable your online restaurant booking system to earn considerable profits, choose an appropriate monetization stream. These will aid you to generate maximum profits.

food delivery app monetization stream

6. Get in Touch with Reliable Partner Offshore

To make a presence among popular online restaurant booking system like EazyDiner, OpenTable, etc., and get access to a cost-effective solution; contact food delivery app development company offshore. Examine their expertise in food delivery app development services. Also, check their skills to develop food delivery clone- the readymade, ready-to-launch custom restaurant reservation app.

Understand the technologies they use during development, and assess its modifiable nature. Once you receive a green signal on all these factors, partner with the company and share your requirements. Thereafter, comprehend their understanding and, when you are confident they can handle your project, you can be sure your solution can automate operations for your restaurant without any difficulty.

● Reasons Why You Should Develop Food Delivery Clone

Do you want your restaurant to gain a competitive edge? Do you want to get more customers to know about the services you provide? Do you want to enable the cost to build restaurant table booking app to be within limit? If yes is the answer to these questions, develop food delivery clone. It will empower you with the advantages as follows-

  • Boost brand value for restaurants.
  • Address the future needs of your food joint and customers.
  • Enable modifications within the app as per requirements.

● Estimated Cost to Build Restaurant Table Booking App

Different factors impact the cost to build restaurant table booking app. It is important to remain aware of them to create a budget-friendly solution. They are as follows-

cost to build table booking app

With these in balance, and when you avoid creating a complex solution, the estimated cost to build table booking app will be $15,000 to $25,000+.

Closing Words

To deliver the best customer experience, restaurants need to get the online restaurant booking system advantage. It will help in gaining more customer outreach. It will alternatively assist users in performing reservations, booking tables, and most importantly, being acquainted with services the restaurant provides. To make this achievable, we have brought forth this resource guide. It outlines the steps to build a cost-friendly restaurant reservation app.

However, in case you get stuck, connect with us. Channeling best techniques during food delivery app development services, we will develop food delivery clone to address the requirements you have alongside that of your customers. So wait no longer, get in touch with us now. Our team of experts await to build an intuitive app that will convert your idea into a profitable reality.

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