Start Food Delivery Business With a Bang With Delivery Hero Clone

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • January 03, 2023
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During the pandemic and its end, the food delivery market witnessed its popularity skyrocketing. As a result of most people being limited to the four corners of their houses, these solutions became a savior for them, allowing them to get access to quick meals as and when they placed the order. This led to the prominence of these solutions growing manifold.

Today, therefore, the market has lucrative scope. If we go by figures, the revenues the apps have brought are $0.77 trillion in 2022. Looking at this number, you can understand, courtesy of the presence of popular food delivery apps like Zomato, and Delivery Hero, the prominence has skyrocketed further.

In the article here, we will be discussing particularly Delivery Hero and its dominant nature that has led to the creation of the Delivery Hero clone app – a boon in disguise for those who plan to digitize restaurant operations. After you complete this guide, we are sure you will be able to pave your way into this trillion-dollar food delivery market with a bang.

Delivery Hero – Intro

delivery hero app

Launched in 2011, Delivery Hero has made its digital footprint made in over 70+ countries serving over 2.2 billion customers. Through the partnership with over 500,000 restaurants, it allows the end-users to get a unique meal ordering experience. It alternatively has easy operations.

Committed to ensuring fast, and quality meal delivery services, the food delivery app makes sure to deliver amazing meal experiences when customers order meals through it.

How Does Delivery Hero Work?

The Delivery Hero app has three main segments, the customer, the restaurant, and the delivery driver. Therefore, to ensure that the communication between the three is streamlined and ascertain that food delivery services can take place seamlessly, this is how the app makes it possible.

how delivery hero app work

Delivery Hero – Food Delivery Business Model

The food delivery business model of Delivery Hero is subdivided into two main categories so that smooth meal delivery services take place.

  • Aggregator business model which helps restaurants to list their services and boost their visibility online among a larger audience.
  • Order and delivery model where delivery service providers make it easy to provide quick meals to customers.
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Features Delivery Hero Constitutes

Delivery Hero app comes with these features to allow smooth meal delivery services and flawless communication between the customer, the restaurant, and the delivery driver.

features delivery hero app

  1. Get real-time updates on estimated arrival times for customers to enable them to know by when they can expect their meals to arrive.
  2. Cancel the order in a situation wherein the customer thinks that they no longer require the meal.
  3. Schedule meal takeaway to help the end-user to schedule the order pickup from the app wherein upon successfully doing so they can get the meal picked from the restaurant.
  4. Earning history to assist the delivery driver get a comprehensive idea of the earnings that they have made through the meals they delivered.
  5. Reports and analytics to support the restaurant get an idea of their performance, areas of improvement, and so on.
  6. Order for someone else to allow the customer to use their food delivery app to make orders for their near and dear ones, friends, etc.

Moving Ahead

With the comprehensive idea that you have gauged so far about the app, you can understand that it indeed has transformed the overall avatar of the food delivery app market. This is why those in the pursuit to digitize their restaurant operations are getting themselves together to develop a food delivery app like the Delivery Hero so that they can gain a competitive edge. This has led them to get access to the Delivery Hero clone app so that business visibility takes place faster and they can easily reach out to more customers.

Benefits of Delivery Hero Clone App

When you embark on the journey of Delivery Hero clone app development, you empower your restaurant with the advantages such as the ones listed below.

  • Access to a cloud-based solution that makes food delivery business management automated.
  • Eases the way real-time tracking takes place thereby building a sense of clarity about the meal ordered.
  • Makes customizations and modifications streamlined so that meeting future business and customer needs is streamlined.

Going Forward

So you know now why it is a good idea to invest in the Delivery Hero clone app. Therefore, if you are a budding restaurant owner who wishes to transport your meal delivery services to the zenith of success, the idea is undoubtedly a promising one. However, you must keep some points in mind when you perform Delivery Hero clone app development so that you can become part of the trillion-dollar food delivery app market.

How to Perform Delivery Hero Clone App Development?

When you embark on the journey to build a food delivery app like Delivery Hero, you must keep these pointers in mind, particularly during Delivery Hero clone app development.

1. Perform Market Research

Market research which includes knowledge about competitors followed by customer concerns is extremely important. This means you should be proficient in areas like the pricing practices competitors adopt, the menus which are in trend, the design strategies they adopt, and so on.

You equally need to perform SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) analysis to know the techniques whose adoption will assist you to gain a competitive edge.

2. Use Appropriate Monetization Streams

The ultimate aim of the food delivery app like the Delivery Hero that you create is to assist you in generating revenues. Hence, you must know about the different monetization streams.

monetization streams

3. Outsource Food Delivery App Development Services

The last crucial step you have to be aware of while developing the Delivery Hero clone app is outsourcing food delivery app development services. Hence, connect with app development companies overseas.

However, before going ahead, check their portfolio and client reviews. Examine their expertise in food delivery clone app development.

What Next?

When you embark on the journey of Delivery Hero clone app development, apart from being aware of the steps to develop the Delivery Hero clone app, you must know the cost to develop the Delivery Hero clone.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Delivery Hero Clone?

When it goes on to determine the budget for building the online food delivery app clone, many factors come into play. This includes-

  • Platforms where app launch will take place
  • Features to add
  • App complexity
  • Design strategy

However, in a situation wherein all these aspects are kept in check, the total cost to develop the Delivery Hero clone app will be around $10000 to $15,000.


Reading this comprehensive guide, you can understand why the Delivery Hero clone app is a beneficial solution for restaurant startups yet to digitize operations. If you are on the same lines, we have the best-in-line food delivery app built following the methodologies of Delivery Hero. When you connect with us, our team of experts will mingle and create an app that drives revenues like never before and helps you gain a competitive edge in a reasonably short time.

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