Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in UK Digitizing Restaurant Setup

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in UK
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • October 07, 2022
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Online food delivery apps have witnessed their trend growing globally. So why should the UK stay behind? The UK is known for its education, its tourist attractions, and so on. These follow next by the lifestyle of the people there.

With their life being extremely busy and hectic, it comes as no surprise that food delivery applications make it easy for them to get quick access to meals at their doorstep as per their flexibility at their desired location.

Simply through a few taps that they place on the app, they get the guarantee of getting their hunger pangs fulfilled at any hour of the day even though it might be late at night. There are actually many such apps that have made these offerings easily accessible. Out of these, we have shortlisted ten top ones that have contributed to quick meal delivery services and the lucrative nature of setting up a food delivery business there.

After reading the article you will get knowledge about the reasons for their prominence and you will also get enlightened on how you can also become part of this profitable market. This is particularly if you are in the quest to get revenues rolling in the United Kingdom.

Market Stats for Online Food Delivery Apps Popularity in the UK

As we cited in the lines above, the UK has observed skyrocketing popularity of online food delivery apps. However, words are not merely enough.

Below we have given fun facts that elucidate this in detail-

These numbers are enough to give a fair display of the popularity of these solutions. However, it is not enough to just go by the numbers. We also need to have awareness of the applications that have contributed to this.

10 Popular Food Delivery Apps in UK Creating Food Revolution

food delivery apps in UK

Through the numbers, you may have gotten a fair idea of the popularity of food delivery applications. However, to make this area understandable, we have enlisted below the ten popular food delivery apps there that have contributed to creating a food revolution there.

1. Just Eat

Since June 2022 Just Eat made its services accessible to people in the UK. Launched in 2001 in Denmark, it is a popular food delivery apps that have made food delivery services easily accessible to the people living there. This in turn has contributed to its user percentage at present being around 65 million users.

  • Has partnered with over 300,000 restaurants
  • Holds 40% market share
  • Completed 776 million orders in 2021

2. Deliveroo

Since 2021, Deliveroo has been providing food delivery services in the UK by partnering with over 50,000 restaurants. With extremely simple operations, the app has made meals available to people living there through their Android and iOS apps.

Check out these numbers to get an understanding of this aspect better.

  • Has 8 million users in the region
  • Revenues skyrocketed by 56% in 2021
  • Holds a 27% share of the market

3. FoodHub

Founded in 2008, Foodhub made quick meals easy to avail for people living in the United Kingdom and through these offerings went on to become the third largest food ordering platform there in 2020. Thereafter, it ensured to make its meal delivery services accessible to other parts too. Hence, it now offers them in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, etc. to name a few.

Want to know some fun facts about the app?

  • Current profits earned are between $50 million to $75 million
  • Has over 15,000 restaurants partnering with it
  • In the restaurant and delivery segment, the app ranks at 20

4. Gousto

Since its creation in 2012, Gousto has made its meal delivery services easy to avail for people living in the UK. Some of its prominent services at the current include recipe kits, and fresh meals, alongside meal boxes. These are predominantly responsible for its popularity.

Here’s revealing some fun facts related to the app.

  • Revenues in 2021 grew by 67% in 2021 becoming €315 million
  • The price of meals on the platform starts from €2.98 per person
  • It is expected the app will deliver 400 million meals by 2025

5. Eat Clean Me

Are you in the UK? Looking for vegan options? Eat Clean Me makes these meal options easily accessible alongside providing the support to transform the body through its Eat Clean meal plans. This is a prime reason why the app is so popular after all.

Some other fun facts related to the solution-

  • Provides 6 meal plans for customers
  • Offers flexibility to choose from over 90 menu items weekly
  • Provides over 200 recipe options

6. UberEats

Since 2016, UberEats made its meal delivery services easy to avail for people living in the UK and is known as one of the most popular food delivery apps.

Check out the fun facts that elucidate what we are citing-

  • Close to 6 million downloads were made for UberEats in 2021
  • Uber drivers earn between €7 to €14 on an hourly basis
  • Until September 2021, UberEats reported a 150% jump in deliveries they made

7. Domino’s Pizza

Looking for tasty pizza delivery in the UK? Domino’s Pizza is your one-stop solution to getting quick pizza deliveries to your doorstep. Over one year, it has over 1144 stores in the region owing to which its prominence has grown manifold.

Here are some fun facts related to the app that suggests its popular nature-

  • Earned profits of €560.8 million in 2021
  • 76% of deliveries made in 2021 on time through its app
  • 94% of orders online took place in 2021

8. Talabat

Founded in the UAE, today Talabat has made its food delivery services available to people living in the UK by partnering with over 5000 restaurants. This, in turn, has made it possible for customers to get quick meals anytime anywhere there.

We have listed down some fun facts related to the app that suggests its popular nature-

  • Receives more than 100,000 orders in a day
  • Has partnered with more than 5000 coffee houses
  • Earned revenues of €3.7 billion in 2022

9. Spoonfed

Coming ninth in our list of top 10 popular food delivery apps in the UK comes Spoonfed. Known for providing over 500 orders monthly, the solution is known for quick meals, apart from catering services too.

Here are some fun facts that depict its popularity-

  • Received funding of €1.2 million
  • Current profits stand at €5 million
  • Has received 6 stars on TrustRadius

10. HelloFresh

Last on our list comes HelloFresh. Popular as being UK’s leading recipe box app, it makes available a wide array of recipe choices and meal boxes so they can enjoy a sumptuous dish as and when they want. Available on iOS and Android, if you are living in the United Kingdom, when you download HelloFresh, you can be sure to get meals at only €3.35.

Here are some fun facts related to the solution below-

  • 39% of people order meals through HelloFresh
  • Profits through the app have grown at 105% in 2022
  • Net revenue stood at €430.7 million in 2021

Knowing about these ten popular online food delivery apps, you may have understood well that they have certainly given a transformational edge to the restaurant setup. It has also helped customers get quick access to meals and recipe boxes there without facing any difficulty. Hence, in short, if you as a restaurant setup owner are planning to give a digital avatar to your services, it is a good idea to get this done now.

Embrace the Food Delivery Clone Apps

Building a food delivery app from scratch consumes an enormous time and finances. To ensure thus the same can be saved, it is better to make use of the food delivery clone apps. Since they are readymade, and ready-to-launch, they are easy to modify as well and can be customized as per business and customer needs so that scalability, growth, and returns flexibly take place.

It is thus a good idea to make use of the solution. However, before you use it, make sure you connect with an on demand food delivery app development company that channels the use of the best line of food delivery app development services. This is possible through research done in plenty about the organization and assessing its portfolio in detail. This will make it easy for you to predetermine if the enterprise can carry out the task in full tandem or not.

So are you ready to step into the competitive food delivery market in the UK? You must buy the readymade solution. You should also check on the cost factor.

Cost to Develop Food Delivery App

When you plan to build the solution and have its launch take place in the UK, the estimated cost to develop a food delivery app will be between $20,000 to $30,000.

However, based on features, app complexity, tech stacks you use, etc. the price might go up to a huge extent. Hence, make sure to maintain a simple app design, and include useful features. Once you have adhered to these, you can be sure the solution will keep your finances within check to the greatest extent.

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Wrapping Up

Do you want to create a revolutionary food delivery business in the UK without spending too much? Get in touch with us. With our expertise in food delivery clone apps development, when you connect and share your requirements, we will partner with your side in developing a solution that addresses your food delivery business needs and ensures customers get quick meals to their doorstep anytime they want, and revenues start pouring in and returns keep increasing to a great extent as well.

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