Top 5 Food Delivery Apps That Transform Food Services in Dubai, UAE

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  • December 16, 2022
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According to a research by MENA Research Partners, Dubai is the second-largest market for online food delivery apps after Saudi Arabia. Hence, the potential the business has are huge and lucrative.

If you are in Dubai, then you may be aware of the prominent nature of these solutions as a whole. This is mostly due to the requirement for the food industry to survive and meet expenditure needs in the best possible way.

Top food delivery apps in Dubai, UAE have been prominently and predominantly responsible for the prominence of the online food delivery market to grow there. Read about them in the article below to know their success story. Thereafter get an understanding of how you can build a business along the lines of these solutions so that you can be on top of the food delivery industry trends.

Let us begin.

Food Delivery Industry Trends in Dubai, UAE

Check out these attractive market stats to get an idea of the food delivery industry trends in Dubai and gain insight into the popularity of online food delivery apps there.

With an idea that you have gained through these numbers of the prominent position of these solutions, let us present you with a list of the top food delivery apps in Dubai, UAE that has been responsible for the dominant food delivery industry trends there.

Top Food Delivery Apps in Dubai, UAE

Check out this list of top food delivery apps in Dubai, UAE that have allowed the meal delivery business to grow prominently and ensure that customers there have an extremely comfortable life. This is by getting access to quick meals at their doorsteps when they order meals from the platform.

food delivery apps

1. Talabat

Year of Launch – 2012

Areas of Service – Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Jordan

Online food delivery app based in Dubai, Talabat makes it easy for customers to get access to a wide array of food choices, alongside restaurants, and eateries nearby.

Possessing a comparatively huge range of features and having easy operations, the solution is a popular food delivery solution among consumers living there.

Have a look at the operations below-

  • Customer enters the app and adds their location to get a list of restaurants nearby and selects one matching preference.
  • Placing tap on meals they want, the order is made.
  • The restaurant receives the order request, and accepts it, upon which they assign the pickup request to the delivery driver.
  • The delivery driver accepts the order pickup request and reaches the restaurant.
  • Order is picked up and the delivery is done subsequently.

Note- During the delivery process, the delivery driver and customer can track each other, with the latter getting the strength to be aware of the expected time for delivery.

2. Deliveroo

Year of Launch – 2013

Areas of Service – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al-Ain, and Ajman

Coming second in our list of top food delivery apps in Dubai, UAE is Deliveroo. With easy app operations, the solution makes food delivery services easy to avail for customers.

It alternatively has some unique features that allow customers to track meals in real-time and know their expected time of delivery. Available on iOS and Android, you can download the app and start ordering meals right away. Have a look at the features that can make this possible for you.

  • Real-time GPS tracking of meals
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Rating and review
  • Order history
  • Live chat
  • Customize meals you order
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3. Noon Food

Year of Launch – 2020

Areas of Service – Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt

Third, on our list, we have Noon Food. Popular for its easy and convenient payment methods, the app makes payment a seamless process for customers when they order meals. Alternatively, it has the following features that are also responsible for its popularity growing evermore.

Available on Google Play Store, and Apple App Store respectively, once users download the platform, they can easily order meals and get them delivered.

Check out the range of features that can assist them in this-

  • Advanced search filter
  • Add meals to the shopping cart and wishlist
  • Track meals in real-time
  • In-app chat and call
  • Contact information of the delivery driver
  • Order schedule
  • Reviews and ratings

4. EatEasy

Year of Launch – 2013

Areas of Service – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaima, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain.

Partnering with over 9000+ restaurants in Dubai, EatEasy makes it easy for customers to order meals through its platform. As a result of having easy operations and possessing some of the best sets of features in them, the solution has achieved cult status among customers living there. We have curated them for you in the pointers below.

Download the app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and start ordering meals. Here are the features that make this possible.

  • Multiple payment modes
  • Advanced search filter
  • Order history
  • Earning history
  • Customize meal

5. Munch: On

Year of Launch – 2016

Areas of Service – All over Dubai

Making meal delivery services easy to avail for customers living all over Dubai since it came into inception in 2016, Munch: On comes fifth in our list of top food delivery apps in Dubai, UAE.

The app has the best range of features starting from 50% discounts, to free meal delivery services. These in turn have been responsible for the prominence of the solution growing manifold among customers living in Dubai.

It alternatively operates seamlessly. Once the customer enters the app, and places an order, they can get the meal delivered to their doorsteps without any difficulty.

Available on iOS and Android, download the app and start getting quick meals delivered to your doorstep in Dubai.

What Do These Online Food Delivery Apps Entail?

Reading about these top food delivery apps in Dubai, UAE, you may have gotten a perspective of their features and their operations which has thereupon resulted in their popularity growing manifold. It has also led to startups embarking on the journey of food delivery app development services. This is to ensure that they can build a prominent position in the food delivery market there.

If you also wish to walk along the same lines, follow these steps when you build online food delivery apps.

  1. Research on the target market using online food delivery apps in Dubai.
  2. Conduct competitor research to ideate an app design strategy.
  3. Choose the appropriate monetization streams so that you can capitalize on profits through the food delivery app that you develop.
  4. Get access to readymade food delivery apps so that you can be on top of the food delivery industry trends in a short time, and alternatively accomplish scalability and growth, as well.
  5. Outsource food delivery app development services to a company having sufficient expertise in developing food delivery clone apps. Assess their client reviews, followed by portfolio.

Thereafter, connect with the company. Share your app requirements and knowledge related to the target market. Corroborate their understanding thereafter and once you have got a heads-up of their understanding, partner with them to observe your app idea achieve fruition and success.

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Gain a Competitive Edge with Us

The online food delivery market in Dubai is currently generating revenues of $1.1.6 billion. Therefore, it is a lucrative prospect related to building online delivery apps. This will help you to be on top of food delivery industry trends. Courtesy of the examples of the top food delivery apps that have been listed by us above, you may have gotten a perspective on the reason why the food delivery app market is flourishing there. Hence, it is worth investing in the same.

Get in touch with us today. With our dedicated food delivery app development services, we will channel the best techniques when developing the solution for you so that you can get a competitive edge in a short time. With our skills in readymade food delivery apps development as well, we will ensure that you can accomplish scalability, growth, and visibility in a short time. So what are you waiting for? Be ahead of your competitors with a solution that allows you to build a prominent place in the food delivery market in Dubai.

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