Top 5 Food Delivery Industry Trends for 2023 And Beyond

food delivery industry trends
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • October 20, 2022
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For foodies, it is a worry not receiving meals when hunger pangs occur. This is where on demand food delivery and the on demand food ordering app come to the rescue.

These apps have made lives considerably easy to lead. By making meals easily accessible to customers, it has gone on and attained a prominent name among those who still operate a traditional restaurant setup.

It has allowed the on demand food delivery market to achieve a promising as well as a lucrative future. According to Statista, the market size will be $466.20 billion by 2027. These numbers are enough to give a perspective that performing food delivery app development is the right approach.

In the article, we will however not be discussing the steps to ease the process. We will give you a list of trends that you can choose from for your food delivery business. Read them carefully and augment the start of a profitable food delivery business.

Reasons for Prominence of Food Ordering & Delivery System

The food ordering & delivery system has streamlined the way meal deliveries are provided to customers making their lives convenient to the greatest extent. This has been particularly responsible for its extraneous popularity.

Here are some other reasons that cite its popular nature.

• Market Stats

The figures we have listed below elucidate the prominent nature of the on demand food delivery app. Check them out-

• Food Delivery Business Model

Check out the image below to be educated about the food delivery business model and know how it operates and makes meal deliveries easy to access for customers.

food delivery business model

  • Aggregator Model where multiple restaurants get the flexibility to register and start providing meal delivery services.
  • Inventory Model where the online food delivery business manages all aspects starting from meal preparation to deliveries. The aggregator model is further subdivided into two kinds.
  • Integrated Model where meal deliveries for customer orders are managed by the restaurant as well as the admin.
  • Order & Delivery Model where the app owner, restaurant owner, and delivery driver take care of the deliveries and manages them with ease.

• Easy App Operations

The on demand food ordering app has extremely simple operations. This is one main factor responsible for its prime nature.

Check this aspect below.

  • Customer enters the app and adds their location details to find restaurants and eateries nearby.
  • Choose a place of preference alongside selecting meals as well after which they order it.
  • The restaurant receives the order and assigns a driver who reaches the restaurant and picks order up.
  • The driver then gets going towards the customers’ location which the latter is informed of until the delivery is done.

• Unique Features

The solution has three main segments- the customer, the restaurant, and the delivery driver. Each of them has unique features which allow the three to operate the solution seamlessly.

Customer App

  • The advanced search filter to make it easy to find meals.
  • Restaurant profile review to check the meals they provide.
  • Order scheduling to allow the user to schedule meal delivery as per convenience.
  • Multiple payment modes to ease payment for meals orders by providing flexibility to select a mode from different choices
  • Real-time tracking to know the expected time of arrival of the meal.

Delivery Driver App

  • Accept/reject order requests as per the flexibility.
  • Update delivery status to let the customer know of the order progress.
  • Earning history to check payments made through deliveries.
  • In-app chat/call to ease it for driver and customer to connect keeping privacy intact before delivery is made.
  • Invoice generation at end of delivery to allow the customer to know about the cost breakdown for orders.

Restaurant App

  • Profile management to edit restaurant details and update them.
  • Order assign to the delivery driver who sets availability online.
  • Payment management to allow in getting an idea of payments made.
  • Reports and analytics to assess app performance and analyze areas for improvement.
  • Revenue management to analyze revenues and profits generated.

It must be noted there are many popular food delivery apps you will find on the Android and iOS app marketplace. They have significantly contributed towards boosting visibility for restaurants and increasing their profits. This has been why during food delivery app development, the ready-made food delivery clone is used. Are you among one of them too who is considering digitizing your restaurant setup?

Check out these trends for 2023 so you can seamlessly operate your venture and successfully streamline your profit

Food Delivery Industry Trends

To build a profitable food delivery business that increases your visibility and allows you to capitalize on revenues, awareness of different trends is necessary.

food delivery industry trends

Here are some that you need to be particularly knowledgeable of if you are setting up a food delivery venture in 2023.

1. Ghost Kitchens Advent

Many popular outlets like Taco Bell, and McDonald’s have an in-house delivery option. However slowly and steadily they are using third-party platforms too.

This is being utilized to the maximum and is predicted to have its use in 2023 too so the customer needs become easy to accommodate without any form of discrepancy.

In the model basically, a ghost kitchen will be used for meal preparation so the delivery-related tasks are simple to perform. It simultaneously will ensure the following benefits.

  • Through the model it will become seamless for the restaurant to thrive in a successful way by delivering unique dining experiences.
  • To keep costs within the limit and saved to the greatest extent, this trend is worth adopting.
  • With the trend and its successful adoption, you can remain competitive and ensure to have an increased customer base.

2. AI-Powered Food Ordering

With AI technology being used by almost all sectors, it comes as no surprise the food delivery sector will make its utilization too. It is predicted to automate the food ordering process for customers and allow them to simply use the tech to simplify this. For instance, through voice, they can make orders.

Already used by brands like Zomato, and other big names, this trend will carry on its prominence in the coming year and beyond.

This model is worth using for the reasons listed below-

  • Ensuring instant doorstep deliveries of meals without coming across any form of roadblocks.
  • Providing customized meal recommendations to customers.
  • Offering enhanced customer support to the end-users.

3. Direct Restaurant Delivery

The next trend you can observe to gain prominence in 2023 will be restaurant deliveries where a delivery fleet will manage deliveries.

This being an in-house delivery option will allow them to stay in trend which becomes difficult through the apps.Already used by KFC, this model will allow the restaurant to capitalize on revenues through the deliveries they make.

This trend is one you should channel in 2023 because of the factors listed below-

  • Automates the collection of customer data so meal delivery services are of the topmost quality always.
  • Makes the process of meal ordering an altogether convenient and comfortable process for the users.
  • Expense monitoring is easy to perform in real-time thereby allowing to ascertain that costs are in check.

4. Quick Pickup

Also known as self-ordering, this option will observe widespread popularity in the coming year and beyond.

The reason for its popularity is the convenience it provides end-users in terms of ensuring meal delivery is comfortable for them. Through the trend, the customer will be informed of the meal getting ready, which would lead them next to enter the code to receive the meal and pick it up themselves.

It is therefore a good idea to make use of it to the maximum as you will get empowered with the advantages that are provided below-

  • Convenient pickup mode to allow customers to pick the meal up and enjoy a unique food experience.
  • Make it easy for the food delivery business to stay on top of industry trends as this is a new one that not many are using yet.
  • Will allow to successfully reach out to maximum foodies as more user engagement will get ensured.

5. Rise in Food Delivery Subscriptions

Convenience is greater taste- this is something 55% of Millennials stated according to a study by the Food Information Council. This is a prime reason the trend of rise in food delivery subscriptions will observe prominence in the year 2023.

According to this, customers looking for different meal options like vegan, organic, etc. will get access to a subscription box so on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis they get access to these options.

  • Ease in providing built-in portion control so meals can be enjoyed keeping nutritional value intact.
  • Will create a convenient journey for you to stay ahead of the competition in the food delivery business.
  • Provide time to further goals so you can stay competitive in the current business scenario without coming across any roadblocks.

Wrapping Up

The online food delivery market revenues will become $466.20 billion by 2027. These numbers elucidate the lucrative nature of the industry. Hence, if you run a traditional restaurant setup that wants to achieve growth to maximum alongside profits, the on demand food ordering app is the sure-shot method for accomplishing this. Be aware of the different trends that will allow you to boost profits in 2023- and get in touch with us today. Share your ideas- on understanding your requirements and comprehending information related to customers; we will partner with you to develop a solution in sync with the latest trends. This will help your profits roll and returns boosted; side-by-side.

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