Know the Tricks to Develop Food Delivery App Like Doordash

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • February 14, 2023
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We all yearn for comfort. This is something that online food delivery systems yearn toward accomplishing in the best possible manner. Courtesy of online food delivery app like Doordash, UberEats, etc., the market saw its popularity growing evermore.

The app was founded in the year 2013, and since then there was no looking back for the solution. Doordash has made its name as an online food delivery app that has transformed the way customers order meals and get it delivered to them. It has alternatively also supported restaurants in boosting their visibility alongside helping the delivery drivers in earning considerably well through the deliveries. Thereafter, it has encouraged newly-formed food delivery startups to invest their finances in building an app on similar lines.

So what are the factors responsible for this? What is the USP of the solution that has contributed to businesses wanting to build an app similar to it? We will cover all this and more in the article here.

All About Doordash

doordash app

Founded in 2013, Doordash has built its name as an online food ordering and delivery platform that makes it easy for customers living in the USA to order meals and get them delivered to their desired destination.

Being similar to any typical online food delivery systems, what helps the food app like Doordash to stand out is its business model. Following a Y-structured plan, it helps ensure smooth coordination between restaurants, delivery drivers, and customers. This is followed by ensuring that these aspects such as the ones listed below become achievable-

  • Better competitive prices
  • 24*7 customer service
  • Book parcels in advance
  • Contactless deliveries during the pandemic
  • Opportunity to earn as per the deliveries provided

Doordash – How Does the App Operate?

The app has extremely simple operations. Check out the pointers below to understand how an online food delivery app like Doordash works.

  • Customer enters the app, adds their location details to get a list of restaurants nearby, selects one matching preference, chooses meals they want, and places order.
  • Order request is sent to the restaurant who accepts it and gets a driver on board to pick the meal up.
  • The delivery driver reaches the restaurant, picks the order up, and gets going toward the location of the customer.
  • The customer is notified of this, and the delivery driver and former get the capability to track one another until delivery is done.
  • Delivery driver arrives and delivers the meals to the customers.

Features Contained in Doordash App

The Doordash app has three main segments- the customer, the restaurant, and the delivery driver. Each of these segments has its respective apps to ensure smooth connection and delivery. In these apps, we have some of the best set of features to allow streamlined food delivery services to take place.

doordash app features

• Customer App

  • Digital menu to allow the end-users to view the menu of different restaurants digitally.
  • Multiple payment modes to enable the customer to choose from different payment modes- cash, card, wallet, one matching their preference, and make payment for meals ordered.
  • Schedule order for later so that customers can order meals for a later date and get the delivery done on that very date.
  • Order history to assist users to get a perspective of all the orders made by them in the past.
  • Social login to make it easy for users to use their social media credentials to enter the app and start operating it.

• Delivery Driver App

  • Invoice generation at end of delivery to enable the customer to get a perspective of cost breakdown.
  • Accept/reject delivery requests when the delivery driver receives the order pickup request from the restaurant.
  • Update delivery status as picked up/on the way/to be delivered/delivered to inform the customer of the estimated arrival time for their meals.

• Restaurant Panel

  • Assign a delivery driver to perform order pickup of the customer when it receives order request from them.
  • Update details to enable the restaurant to modify the different details of their restaurant- its opening, and closing time, location, etc.
  • Reports and analytics to get a comprehensive view of the revenues they generated, the purchase behavior of customers, etc.

Business Model of Doordash

Take a peek at the image below to glance through the business model of Doordash and observe how the solution makes food delivery possible.

doordash app's business model

Image Source:

Doordash business model is created to provide the maximum set of advantages to the customer, and the restaurant, both. This is through the support it provides the former in locating restaurants nearby, and the latter in earning an extended customer base. This is done through methods like accepting online orders, hiring delivery persons, and processing transactions.

Revenue Model for Doordash

Doordash has an extremely strategic viewpoint when it comes to generating profits. Therefore, the app adopts three main modes for accomplishing this.

  • Commission percentage from every order that gets placed on the food delivery stems like 20% for instance from restaurants.
  • Delivery fees charged to the customer above what they pay for the meals.
  • Advertising fees to restaurants for promotional activities they perform on the app to boost their visibility.

How to Develop Online Food Delivery App like Doordash?

You know by now the different factors that have contributed to Doordash accomplishing popularity in the first place, particularly among those who wish to grow a huge user base in the food delivery market. Here; we need to note that the process is exhaustive demanding adherence to a wide array of steps that are outlined by us below.

1. Know Target Market & Their Needs

Make sure before you build a food delivery app like Doordash, you are aware of the target market and their needs. This means you need to be aware of their concern, the issues they face while ordering meals online, and so on. When you are aware of this aspect, you can then build a solution that streamlines meal delivery services for them.

2. Select Appropriate Food Delivery Model

There are different models that you can select from for your food app like Doordash to ensure smooth food ordering and delivery services to take place.

doordash app'sbusiness model

3. Select Robust Technology Stack

When you develop an online food delivery app like Doordash; it is a good idea to select robust tech stacks.

  • Mobile app development – Kotlin, Java, Python
  • Web app development – Angular JS/ React and Node.js
  • Backend development – PHP
  • Database – MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Payment gateway – Apple Pay, Stripe, Paypal
  • Restaurant listing – FourSquare API, GrubHub API
  • Location framework – Google Place API, and Google Maps

4. Get Doordash Clone App

The last crucial step in your food delivery app development journey when you develop an online food delivery app like Doordash is to empower your business with the readymade food delivery clone app- the Doordash clone app. You should connect with a food delivery app development company with specialized expertise in food delivery app development services. Examine the organization’s expertise in this field, followed by assessing their client reviews and portfolio. Once you have gotten an insight into this, get in touch with the company; share your requirements with them, and corroborate their understanding to see your app development journey achieving fruition.

Estimated Cost to Build Doordash App

Doordash app came into creation in 2013. Thereafter, there was no looking back. The solution has thereupon built a name as a solution that streamlines meal delivery services for customers living in the USA. This has led to food delivery startups investing in building an app on similar lines. Here, it is relevant to get an assessment of the budget. It needs to be mentioned that the finances need to be kept in check. To perform this, you need to add unique features, include robust technologies, and ideate a user-friendly design strategy.

Once you have maintained all these aspects, you can keep your finances in check. Now coming to the estimated cost to build Doordash app, the total will be $40,000 to $70,000.

contact us for doordash app development

Concluding Lines

Do you want to enter the food delivery market like a pro with an online food delivery app like Doordash? Get in touch with us. Our team of developers will assist you through this ideating the best design strategies, along with utilizing the best set of techniques during food delivery app development services to help you.

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